Kelby - Got a DUI. Then ran into a building.

Find Peace:

Caleb - I killed a 25-year-old girl.

How do you cope with having killed someone by accident? How do you handle it when someone killed your child by accident? Find Peace:

Jeremy - From Guns to Gardening

What do you do to gain acceptance? If your life is out of control, what can you do about it? Find Peace:

Christa - My boyfriend's biker gang threatened my baby.

The hurt from my parents' divorce drove er to do all kind of things that weren't good. What happened to change things for her? Find Peace:

Marc - I wanted to be happy like them.

Find Peace:

Jerry - Insecure muscle man.

Find Peace:

Heather - I met and buried Mr. Perfect.

Find Peace:

John D - 80 miles, 80 pushups on my 80th.

Find Peace:

Bob Lubell - Dealing for the mafia at age 15

Find Peace:

John D - What Hugh Hefner could not offer me . . .

Find Peace:

Arnold - The fall of the town's most powerful man

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