Bernie Miller - From Vice President to a much higher position.

The guy looked across at me and said, “You are arrogant. You need some humility. I am going to give you some. You're fired.”

The Christ - Spoken Word Poem

NEWS FLASH for Lucifer… resurrection's on the table now.” . . . 2000 years ago, Jesus changed the whole game – death defeated, sin conquered, and eternal ...

Julie - From broken desperation to complete restoration.

"I was trying to fix the hurts that were in my life by just numbing them. It wasn't working. I knew something was wrong because I was ready to kill myself."

John - The dangerous walk of faith.

"From that time on I realized that you never know. The next time that you get off the airplane walking through the airport, you may be killed."

Thomas - Believed in the Big Bang until my heart changed my mind.

"The science classes that I took taught me that there was no God."

Russ Taff - Got past my alcoholic preacher Dad with God the Father's help.

"When I stood up after fifteen or twenty minutes something was different about me."

Phil - From loving violence to loving God.

"The first time I heard my dad say he loved me, I was in jail."

Carl - Pain turns to strength in the midst of tragedy.

"You're strong and I have turned your pain into a resource for ministry.”

Weston - As an atheist, I blamed God. Or was it someone else?

"Only the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come to give you life so that you may have it abundantly."

Gus - Falsely imprisoned for murder, but I stuck to the truth.

Demetrus - First child at 13, then prison, then a city leader.

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