Johnny - My speech impediment led to mocking, thoughts of suicide.

"All I could think about was hurt, pain, and people making fun of me."

Erik - Why do I fight?

"I swung as hard as I could and hit the back of his head and split his head open." Find Peace:

Sara - Was I being trafficked?

"He put me in a hotel and took care of me." Find Peace:

Kasey - Why did she believe in me?

" this one-woman saw something in me that I did not see." Find Peace:

Kellye - I told my secret to everyone.

"I had gone to my husband. I had to be completely honest with him." Find Peace:

Sam - I am the Machine Gun Preacher.

"I realize we are changing a nation." Find Peace:

Danny - Combat in Iraq continues at home

"While we were overseas we didn’t lose a marine. Since we have been back I have had to bury nine of my Marines." Find Peace:

Wanda - My son and husband's gunfight did not end well.

She said, “there’s a detective on the phone. He wants to talk to you.” Find Peace:

More about finding God

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Brad - Haunted by nightmares since childhood.

"I started dreaming about a certain set of stars and a voice was calling me to walk outdoors." Find Peace:

Evie - We were the gang girls who ruled the school.

"When you have a problem with somebody, you take care of your problem. That involves assault and sometimes death." Find Peace:

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