Music Changed - Chuck Girard Morningstar Award

Chuck Girard received from Partners for Christian Media the 2014 Morningstar Award for his pioneering work in Christian Contemporary Music.

Hannah - Rising above teen sexuality

"I didn't know if God loved me. I was just so desperate. I started to try to find my identity in relationships with guys."

Rick - Declared dead on arrival

"My Mother refused to make funeral arrangements. She decided she was going to go and pray.......I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for a praying Mama."

Mark M - It seemed like the guy on TV was talking directly to me

I remember getting up out of the chair and walking around the living room just saying; “Wow! Something just happened.”

Mikey - God cared about my piercings

She noticed the holes in my face. She was like; “Oh, you've got a lip ring?” I said; “Yeah, I had to take them out to get a job, you know, working for the man.”

Beth - Convinced I was worthless

"I thought that I had nothing to live for. I thought that I was the most worthless mother on the face of the earth. I was no good as a wife. As a mother. As a daughter."

Cindy - Got high in the church bathroom, but now a missionary

What is Reality?

Nicole - Forgave my stepfather who abused me

"Reality is being so angry at your Mom for doing drugs but then a month later you're doing them with her."

Ladonna - Just wanted to end it all

Do you want to know what reality is?

Jeff K - From starting NFL QB to cut and humiliated

"I was realizing that more of my identity was wrapped up in the NFL and in quarterbacking than in who God says I am, my worst moment of life converted to my ...

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