Cindy - Got high in the church bathroom, but now a missionary

What is Reality?

Nicole - Forgave my stepfather who abused me

"Reality is being so angry at your Mom for doing drugs but then a month later you're doing them with her."

Ladonna - Just wanted to end it all

Do you want to know what reality is?

Jeff K - From starting NFL QB to cut and humiliated

"I was realizing that more of my identity was wrapped up in the NFL and in quarterbacking than in who God says I am, my worst moment of life converted to my ...

Jeff K. - Elite job. Elite family. Still insecure

"I was absolutely crystal clear on one thing. “I'm empty. I'm insecure. I'm a follower, not a leader like my Dad raised me to be."

Jeff Kemp - Even a great dad cannot meet the deepest needs

"There's some sort of hole in your heart that you're still trying to get filled. You wish your Dad had said some wonderful things."

Garrett - Filled my fatherless void with drugs

Dad would be like; “Yeah I will be at your event. I will be at your wrestling match.” He wouldn't show up.

David - Knuckles bleeding from punching my locker

" I looked down and my knuckles were bleeding. I had decided at that point and time that I was going to commit suicide."

Scott - After three generations of sexual abuse, found acceptance from a Christian community.

"I was addicted to pornography, I was addicted to masturbation. I was addicted to sex. I was also a heterosexual male."

Robert - The spirits I channeled entered and exited

"I understood the power on the demonic side because I had been choked by demons, hit by them, slapped by them."

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