Jeff K. - Elite job. Elite family. Still insecure

"I was absolutely crystal clear on one thing. “I'm empty. I'm insecure. I'm a follower, not a leader like my Dad raised me to be."

Jeff Kemp - Even a great dad cannot meet the deepest needs

"There's some sort of hole in your heart that you're still trying to get filled. You wish your Dad had said some wonderful things."

Garrett - Filled my fatherless void with drugs

Dad would be like; “Yeah I will be at your event. I will be at your wrestling match.” He wouldn't show up.

David - Knuckles bleeding from punching my locker

" I looked down and my knuckles were bleeding. I had decided at that point and time that I was going to commit suicide."

Scott - After three generations of sexual abuse, found acceptance from a Christian community.

"I was addicted to pornography, I was addicted to masturbation. I was addicted to sex. I was also a heterosexual male."

Robert - The spirits I channeled entered and exited

"I understood the power on the demonic side because I had been choked by demons, hit by them, slapped by them."

Stan - My Jewish Dad disowned me. Jesus took me in

"As I came out I heard her singing “Jesus loves me.” The faster she rocked, the louder she sang. My parents heard her and we were kicked out of the house."

Becca - The cutting sensation eased the inner pain

"I would stab myself with a sewing needle. Or any kind of needle. Just to feel that pain. To know, you're still here. You're still human. You're still alive in some ...

Christian Harris - Dad kept forgiving until my brother killed him

Christian's Dad got in a fight with his brother who struggled with drug addiction. But when he exited the bathroom, his brother lit him on fire and killed him.

Jake - Angry at a father in prison all my life

Jake's father had been incarcerated since Jake was a baby. Then Jake went to prison. They both found Christ in jail and are both free again.

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