Johnathan Bond - Mom knew the "fatal" wreck on the radio was me - ComeOnLetsGo

"I am so thankful that I was raised in a household that believed in the power of prayer and that believed in the power of Jesus Christ."

Danny Garcia - Fear came over me, I started to leave my body, then cried for help - ComeOnLetsGo

"I called on the name of Jesus and I didn't know what I was doing!"

Marc - Thought partying would make me happy.

Scooter - The gift of a son changed my wild lifestyle - ComeOnLetsGo

I walked outside that hospital and I laid back in the rain and I just said; “I'm done."

Rachel Smith's life from darkness to light.

Sinners Prayer - Women at the Well

Sinner's prayer - Awaken ministries

Sinner's prayer - Teen Challenge

Sandy - Jesus told me to quit the drugs and raise a godly infant - ComeOnLetsGo

"Not even a week old and she was in church. She learned to walk in the church. She spoke in church for the first time. She crawled in the church. All of it."

Promised my daughter I'd take her to Jfest one day.

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