Luke - Found freedom in prison.

"Don't pray that I come home real soon because if I come home real soon I'm gonna mess up again real big."

We can reach the world

Orlandes - My atheist jail mate started reading the Bible

"​I thought he was crazy at first. I really thought he was crazy.​"

Kati - Told God I can't dredge up all those memories

I remember getting on my face and just saying; “Lord, I'm scared. This is not fun. I don't like this. I don't want to deal with this but I'm going to give it to you ...

Jamie - Supernaturally delivered of the demons from my witchcraft days

"When I felt God come into my heart, I knew the difference between magic that I had been playing around with for years and real power."

Eddie - My hateful Mom, into voodoo and witchcraft, turned to God

"She set the snake on fire and legs grew out of the snake."

Rachel - Why can't my marriage be like the movies?

"I actually told him that. “I'm not in love with you anymore."

Ricky - The doctor said I will be an albino

"I was told by a doctor that I was going to lose my coloring and that I probably wouldn't be able to go outside."

Rachel - Shacked up at 14 but now we lead marriage classes

"I was raised in the church. But through my teenage years, I got a little wild and did things I shouldn't have done."

Assaulted four with a knife, but a prison friend modeled a better way

"Really, I wanted to die. I was doing all the things that were killing me anyway. I had so much pain, hurt, and hatred I didn't know how to process any of it."

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