Javed - Thankful to not be rubbing snakes anymore

"I would still be rubbing some mouse or some snake or some elephants belly. But I don't have to do that. I believe in the living God."

Herman Weaver - NFL role model living a double life

"I was out in the bars getting drunk on Friday and Saturday. I was hoping the people in church didn't see me in the bars. I was hoping the people in the bars ...

Dale - My kids said sober up or we'll never talk again

"So, I had a glass of wine and I got a buzz. I thought; “This is pretty good.” I was immediately addicted."

Brook - Mom was dying. I took her pain pills

"Then I actually started dating a boy who used them recreationally. It led me to use them more and more, which led to a path of just, it led to addiction. I started to ...

Nicole - Shooting up meth and ignoring my child

I remember begging her; “Just let me die. Just let me die. I mean, just leave me alone and let me die.” Praise God! She told me; “I can't do that.”

Kelly - Convinced they loved my sister more than me

Tonya - Held captive in my car for six months

Javed - Followed my brilliant brother into Atheism

"So I listen to them and they say, “If you have any problems, give us a call.” So I said, “Heck, let's laugh at these Christians. “So I called them thinking I was going ...

Rikhard - Kids in school mocked my club foot

Bam! They hit me in the face with this metal baseball bat. They asked me again; “Give us your money! Give us your money!”

Andy Peterson - My head in the jaws of a mountain lion

"It launched with force. It slammed into my chest. The top claws, the front claws were all up by my face and by my neck.......... I was twenty four years old.

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