Lean on Me

Is it hard for you to depend on people? Author Jennie Allen discusses friendship in marriage and community—the kind that says “lean on me.”

Find your People

In a “connected” world, do you feel more disconnected than ever? Author Jennie Allen knows the sweeping power of isolation. She’ll help you find your people.

Rob Singleton: Overliked: "Connection, Social Media, and Self-Esteem

Social media holds remarkable power over our sense of self. Rob Singleton, author of Overliked, gets real about social media and self-esteem.

Rob Singleton: Overliked: Crippled by Social Media

Social media can do a lot of good—yet hamstring authenticity. Rob Singleton, author of Overliked, builds out a new way of thinking about social image.

Ron Deal: FamilyLife's Online Blended Ministry Certificate

FamilyLife’s self-driven, online ministry certificate course helps you create & sustain thriving stepfamily ministry and lead transformative experiences.

Eric Schumacher: "My Wife Had a Miscarriage"...We Both Did

“My wife had a miscarriage. Why do I feel so lost?” Eric Schumacher recounts the grief in his own marriage—and how ultimately, trauma brought them closer.

Eric Schumacher: Losing a Baby--and Grieving as a Man

Losing a baby can leave a guy confused, helpless, lonely, deeply sad, or just numb. Author Eric Schumacher offers support for men processing miscarriage.

Overcoming Apathy

Confused by your own lack of passion, your apathy when it comes to faith? Author Uche Anizor offers ideas to rekindle your first love’s persistent flame.

Overcoming Apathy

Wishing you cared more about your faith? Uche Anizor gets it. He dialogues about the nuts and bolts of overcoming apathy—and morphing from lethargy to zeal.


Love hurts—in ways far beyond what we expect. Author Paul Miller beckons us to rethink love, even when we’re dying inside.

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