Wait...I can have fun at church? Amberly Neese

Hungry for real community and a deeper connection with God? Join Author Amberly Neese as she explores the theology of laughter and life with Jesus!

Having a Heart at Peace: Dane Ortlund

Does God allow suffering? Dane Ortlund captures the meaning of Isaiah 25 & 26. Find your heart's home and the secret to contentment.

Your Heart's True Home: Dane Ortlund

Christians know what Jesus Christ has done—but who is he? Dane Ortlund captures the meaning of Isaiah 25 & 26.

Doubting Jesus as an Introvert: Brant Hansen

Lost in the crowd? Brant Hansen discusses church alienation, doubts, and embracing misfit Christians. Join us for open conversations on church diversity and introverts.

I Belong in the Kingdom of God - I'm Socially Awkward: Brant Hansen

In a dark place? Brant Hansen shares insights from his spiritual journey. For those struggling to be social, confident, or happy, this ones for you.

Blessed Are The Misfits: Brant Hansen

Ever felt like you don't fit into American church culture? Join Hansen as he explores modern Christianity, the beauty of being different, and the astonishing goodness of God.

Navigating Life’s Limitations: David & Meg Robbins with Shelby Abbott

Struggling to say no? David & Meg Robbins along with Shelby Abbott find the best clips of 2023 on how to set boundaries. Hear from key influencers like, Brant Hansen, Jeremiah Johnston, Lysa TerKeurst, and Heather Holleman.

How to Overcome Loneliness: Brant Hansen

How can we overcome loneliness? Brant Hansen shares practical ways to finding peace in Jesus in this disconnnected world.

Women in the Bible: Do you Fear the Unknown? Nana Dulce

Fear the unknown? Join hosts Dave & Ann Wilson, along with Shelby Abbott, as they listen to Nana Dulce's best clips of 2023. They explore women's struggles in the Old Testament, revealing keys to overcoming fear and finding hope in tough times!

The Impact of a Good Man: David & Meg Robbins with Shelby Abbott

Get to the depths of what true manhood looks like. Join David & Meg Robbins with Shelby Abbott as they listen to the best clips of 2023. Embrace areas like security, nurturing, service, and even the thrill of fantasy football drafting.

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