Full of Grace and Truth

Rachel Gilson experienced same-sex attraction from an early age, but when she became a Christ-follower as an adult, God began to bring her views about sexuality under the authority of the cross.

Jesus' Heart for Children

Randall Goodgame has never gotten over the fact that Jesus has a special place in His heart for children, no matter the age. Hear him talk about kids and music, and the power of the gospel.

When in Doubt, Make It a Song

Randall Goodgame admits he was intimidated at the thought of leading his family in devotions. Hear how Randall ultimately started putting Scripture to music as a way to communicate spiritual truth.

Inviting the Hard Questions

Shelby Abbott coaches parents on how to respond when their own kids begin asking tough questions, and how we can discern the difference between sincere searching vs. a refusal to bend the knee to the Savior?

Wrestling With Your Doubts

Shelby Abbott says that doubt is different than unbelief, and while we should not fear doubt, neither should we make it a badge of honor.

A New Creation

Becket Cook tells the story of coming face to face with the God of the universe when he attended a church service. Becket tells how his belief in Christ has influenced and changed every part of his life.

Face to Face With the Author of Love

As Becket Cook moved through one relationship after another, he never remotely considered that God might be the answer to his restlessness. Cook tells how his encounter with God changed his life forever.

A Happy Childhood

Becket Cook tells how his Christian parents reacted when he finally came out to his family, and advises parents on what to do when their son or daughter comes out as being gay.

Two Homes, Two Sets of Values

After her parent's divorce, Melody Fabien was hearing one thing about relationships from her mom, and something very different from her dad who had recently come to Christ. She tells her story to Ron Deal.

Respecting Girls

Vicki Courtney encourages mothers to talk to their sons about chivalry. Mothers and fathers should also talk to their sons about unplanned pregnancy, sexting, and porn.

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