Does God Care Who I Sleep With?

Does God really care who I sleep with? Sam Allberry presents the Good News of Jesus and tells how it is life-giving to those who desire to give and receive physical love.

No Perfect Parent: The Teen Years

Are you struggling with raising your teen? Dave and Ann Wilson present the top five things parents can do to parent their teenagers.

Spiritual Life Skills For Kids: What Am I Aiming For?

As Christians, we want our kids to love and follow Jesus. Janel Breitenstein encourages us to evaluate our parenting goals so that we may encourage lasting habits that prepare kids for a relationship with Him.

Spiritual Life Skills For Kids: How Do I Build Habits That Last?

Are you looking for doable ways to disciple your children? Janel Breitenstein offers ideas to build spiritual life skills for kids and encourage their Christ-anchored identity.

Help For Pre-Blended Families

Preparing to blend a family comes with unique dynamics. Ron Deal, Director of FamilyLife Blended, talks about addressing not just the joining of two hearts, but those of the whole family.

Engaged and Blending

Are you engaged or just beginning a blended family? Ron Deal, Director of FamilyLife Blended, discusses how couples can prepare their families to blend with intentionality and joy.

Protecting Your Marriage

How do we protect our marriages in a world that tries to pull us apart? John and Debra Fileta break down three main areas of needed protection and share invaluable advice from their own marriage.

Seeing My Husband As My Hero

Women want to see their husbands as their heroes, and men want their wives to see them that way, too. So why is it so hard? Juli Slattery helps couples understand the balance between seeing flaws and speaking life.

My Husband's Holy Spirit

Wives, do your "helpful" suggestions sometimes come across as criticism to your husband? Psychologist and author, Juli Slattery, shares what a helper looks like in light of who God is.

The Link Between Worship and Relationships

Alex Kendrick explores how our relationships with God and our spouse affects our worship.

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