Dispelling the Myths of Teen Dating

High school teachers Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn, dispel some myths teens have about dating.

Protecting Your Teen

Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn, both high school teachers, get a first hand look at the dating practices of teens each day. Together they give an honest take on the status of teen dating.

Truths Your Daughter Needs to Know

Veteran high school teacher Daniel Anderson and his daughter, Jacquelyn, reminisce about Jacquelyn's high school years and the "no dating" policy that ruled their household.

Possessions, Entertainment and Friends

Jen Wilkin explains how our children's possessions, entertainment, friends—entire lifestyle—should display Christ in sharp contrast to the unbelieving world around them.

Activities and Speech

Jen Wilkin explains how children raised to be followers of Christ should do and say things differently from their unbelieving peers.

Five Ways to Be Different

As followers of Christ, we are aliens—this world is not our home. Jen Wilkin introduces five areas in which our children can display their allegiance to God's kingdom.

What Kind of Parent Are You?

Did you know that parents fall into three categories? Find out which category describes you when guest Jill Rigby explains the differences between deflector parents, depriver parents, and developer parents.

Are You Unselfish?

Are you raising your children to be mirrors or windows? Manners of the Heart founder and author Jill Rigby explains how emphasizing self-esteem over service encourages a child's natural selfishness.

Addressing Cultural Issues

“Mom, what is divorce?” “Dad, what does 'homosexual' mean?” “Mom, did you and Dad have sex before you got married?” Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson help you answer challenging questions.

Answering the Hard Questions

Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson answer some of the most challenging questions for parents, like, “What happens when we die?” “What is suicide?” and “Why does God allow natural disasters?”

Assessing the Spiritual Maturity of Your Kids

Jessica Thompson knew deep down she wasn't a Christian. Her mother, Elyse Fitzpatrick, was clueless. Jessica tells how her life began to change when God's love finally pierced her heart.

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