Purity: Outdated? Irrelevant? Oppressive? Dean Inserra

Purity culture warrants the impassioned scrutiny. But is purity itself oppressive? Pointless? Author Dean Inserra pulls us back to sexual flourishing.

Sexual Purity after Purity Culture: What Should We Know? Dean Inserra

Serious flaws in purity culture deserve scrutiny. But is there still a place for sexual purity? Author Dean Inserra dives into God’s flawless design for sex.

Is God Anti-Gay? Sam Allberry & Rob Hudson

Is God anti-gay? LGBTQ+ Specialist Rob Hudson and bestselling author Sam Allberry offer perspectives on how to respond to gay friends and loved ones.

How Should Christians Approach Pride Month? Sam Allberry

What do Christians do with Pride Month? As a pastor who’s experienced same-sex attraction, author Sam Allberry offers thoughtful principles on LGBT+ issues.

A Spiritual Desert--and Finding Your Way: Lina Abujamra

Lina Abujamra found herself spiritually thirsty and alone. Was God with her, she wondered, or a mirage? Here, she dusts off the gifts of a spiritual desert.

Fractured Faith: Finding My Way Back to God: Lina Abujamra

Somewhere along the way, the Christianity she knew began crumbling. Lina Abujamra shares about fractured faith—& deconstruction that brought her back to God.

"Where is God In My Pain?" Lina Abujamra

Lina Abujamra’s life was suddenly nothing like she’d planned. Where is God when your heart’s breaking? She writes of fractured faith—and a God who showed up.

How Did Jesus View Women? Kristi McLelland

How did Jesus view women? Professor Kristi McLelland unpacks ancient Middle Eastern culture to better understand Jesus’ interactions with females.

Jesus and Women: Kristi McLelland

What did Jesus think of women? Through the eyes Jewish culture, Kristi McLelland reveals how Jesus was radically empowering and compassionate toward women.

Social Media and Your Kids: Dr. Jeremiah Johnston

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston reveals research on the devices and social media our kids live on. What do we need to know? How can we manage both in holy ways?

Comfort in Grief: What Helped, What Didn't: Tim and Aileen Challies

Blogger Tim Challies & his wife Aileen reflect on their passage through grief over the loss of their son, with thoughts for grievers and comforters alike.

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