Two Homes, Two Sets of Values

After her parent's divorce, Melody Fabien was hearing one thing about relationships from her mom, and something very different from her dad who had recently come to Christ. She tells her story to Ron Deal.

Respecting Girls

Vicki Courtney encourages mothers to talk to their sons about chivalry. Mothers and fathers should also talk to their sons about unplanned pregnancy, sexting, and porn.

Childhood Is Only for a Season

Is your son ready for the real world? Vicki Courtney advises moms to encourage their sons toward independence and responsibility so they will be eager to leave home when it’s time.

Teaching Your Kids the Word of God

Many families struggle having devotions in God's Word together. Jason Houser and John Majors, help discouraged parents find ways to make things easier.

Enjoying Family Worship

Jason Houser and John Majors discuss why Scripture that is put to music is so powerful in a child's life. Hear how we can help our kids hide God's Word in their hearts in a way that is simple and easy.

Rooted in Grace

There is a special relationship between a father and a daughter, but only a mom can model feminine integrity—how to live in accordance with God's design—for her daughter. Terra Mattson explains why daughters learn more from what they are experiencing than what you are teaching.

Feel It to Heal It

Raising daughters today may be different than in years past, but the core of what it means to be a girl is still as God designed it. Terra Mattson, author of the "Courageous: Being Daughters Rooted in Grace," helps listeners develop a greater appreciation

Faith Isn't a Formula

What makes some young adults resilient in the faith, while others walk away completely? Pastor Mark Matlock and researcher David Kinnamon talk about the five characteristics and practices of resilient Christians.

Following Jesus in a New Babylon

How are our kids actually living out their faith in a post-Christian world? David Kinnamon and Mark Matlock explain the difference between the four types of spiritual exiles and remind parents of the correlation between parents with a vibrant faith and kids who follow in their footsteps.

How Are Screens Influencing Us?

Authors David Kinnamon and Mark Matlock talk about the challenges youth face spiritually as they navigate all the opposing views and opinions of the spiritual Babylon we're living in and explain how parents can help their children use technology wisely. 

Love Is Tenacious and Committed

Bob Lepine talks about the qualities of biblical love from 1 Corinthians 13. Learn how to bear and endure all things when things feel unbearable. And we'll hear how to avoid enabling wrong behavior.

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