Kids and Addiction to Social Media

Do your kids have an addiction to social media? Author, Jonathan McKee addresses the dangers and how to engage your kids.

Connection With Kids About Their Phones

Kids with phones are a big deal! On FamilyLife Today, Jonathan McKee, author of over 25 books, helps parents understand the value of connection with their kids, concerns about their phones and some tips on how to talk about it all.

Wanna Be Better Together?

Do you and your spouse want to be better together? FamilyLife President David Robbins, and his wife Meg, share a surprise source for strength in your marriage.

Family Life's David and Meg Robbins: Marriage As a Team

Are those leading the marriage ministry of FamilyLife the real deal? Get a closer look at the marriage of FamilyLife President David Robbins, and his wife Meg, as they discuss the ups and downs of learning how to work as a team.

Why Spiritual Health Matters for your Marriage

Like physical health, your marriage’s spiritual health determines resilience & strength for what hurtles your way. Authors Dave & Ashley Willis cheer you on.

Why Physical Health Matters for your Marriage

Could your physical health influence how you act toward your spouse? Bestselling authors Dave & Ashley Willis chat about genuine change in your bodies & relationship.

Why Emotional Health Matters for Your Marriage

Why's emotional health a big deal in marriage? Bestselling authors Dave & Ashley Willis share their story--and how vulnerability became their game changer.

Choosing Us

"Choosing us" in your marriage is both crucial and complicated. Counselor & author Debra Fileta offers advice to consistently operate as one unit.

Together Forever: What's it take?

Wanting "together forever"--but wondering if you married the right person? Counselor & author Debra Fileta unpacks secrets behind lasting marriages.

Making Your Marriage Better than Your Honeymoon: The Elephants in the Room

"Are there any patterns in my life which are negatively influencing my marriage?" Authors Kevin and Marcia Myers say that addressing those "elephants" can breathe new life into your relationship.

Making Your Marriage Better than Your Honeymoon: Intentionally Listening

Would your spouse say they feel "heard"? Authors Kevin & Marcia Myers help unearth a new level of intimacy through the power of intentionally listening.

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