Marital Communication That Works

Like many couples, Rob and Gina Flood had a lot to learn about healthy communication in marriage. They realized early on that communication wasn’t about winning or losing, but about building up or tearing down. Together they share five communication tools that helped transform their marriage.

Help! My Spouse and I Can't Communicate

Some marriages are difficult right off the bat. That was the case for Rob and Gina Flood, who were surprised their honeymoon was as difficult as it was. It was only after months of frustration they realized their bad communication habits kept short circuiting healthy dialogue. Learn what they did to turn their communication, and marriage, around.

When Providence Brings a Plague

How do you teach your sons to respect girls? Vicki Courtney encourages mothers and fathers to talk to their sons about unplanned pregnancy, sexting, and porn.

Hope isn't Canceled

Is your son ready for the real world? Vicki Courtney advises moms to encourage sons toward independence and responsibility so they will be eager to leave home when it is time

Navigating Your New Normal

When should you talk to your son about the dangers of porn? Dave Willis recalls his past struggles with porn, offering dads some valuable insight into broaching this topic with their sons.

Where Men Miss the Mark

Dave Willis talks honestly about where men are missing the mark. He reminds men that selfishness is the opposite of respect. Men need to train their sons to serve others as Christ did.

Teaching Boys to Esteem Girls

Dave Willis recalls a time when his middle-school son came home and asked him a shocking question. Parents to initiate challenging conversations with their sons as soon as possible.

Beauty and the Culture

How does your daughter view herself? Vicki Courtney talks about the harm of constant comparison, encouraging moms to teach daughters their true worth can only be found in Jesus.

Time to Talk

Vicki Courtney reflects on how the use of technology is changing the landscape of our culture. Mothers MUST teach their daughters where their worth, identity come from.

Engage Your Emotions

Author Mary Kassian explains that women are move vunerable to being hurt and abused. Practical advice for engaging our emotions in a God-honoring way

Capture the Creeps

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