Get Your Marriage Back

How do you get your marriage back to where it used to be? Author and former FamilyLife Today host Bob Lepine offers real strategies for the rough patches.

Powerful Parenting

Powerful parenting might not look like you think! Author Jeff Norris reveals habits to let go of self-reliance and embrace Jesus' call to depend on God.


Does leaning on God feel like more duty than delight? Author Jeff Norris offers habits for a lagging heart to find an undeniable, indispensable rootedness.

Get Serious about Grandparenting

Your potential impact on your grandkids can be monumental. Authors Larry Fowler & Tim Kimmel challenge you to grandparent with God’s heart for them.

Leaving a Legacy that Matters

Could your grandparenting alter generations to come? Authors Larry Fowler & Tim Kimmel explore the whys and hows of leaving a legacy.

5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse

Could prayer change more than you think? Authors Michael & Melissa Kruger get practical about the how, why, and what of praying for your spouse.

When Self-Help Isn't Enough

Stuck in bad habits? Given up on battles? Think some behavior can’t be changed? Author Karl Clauson offers power when self-help can’t cut it.

7 Resolutions to Transform Your Life

When's the last time you did something you couldn't do without God? Author Karl Clauson recalls the fear—and triumph—of putting yourself in God’s hands alone.

Karl Clauson: Who is in Control?

Author Karl Clauson knows addiction and life-wreckage. He also understands how to get to the flip side—and decide “Who is in control?” for the better.

How to Handle Conflict without Tearing Your Hair Out

Anger with your spouse can be real! FamilyLife President David Robbins & wife Meg describe their power source and strategies on how to deal with conflict.

Marriage when You're Not Getting Along

When you’re not getting along in marriage, what’s your plan? FamilyLife President David Robbins & wife Meg offer God-sized solutions for what divides us.

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