The Value of Affirming Touch

Dave and Ann Wilson use an accrostic on the word TOUCH to offer helpful ways for husbands and wifves to communicate love through non-sexual touch

Loving Your Spouse Without Ever Touching

Pastor Dave Wilson and his wife Ann share their successes and failures in communicating love to your spouse using non-sexual touch.

Relationships Matter

Pastor JP Pokluda talks about the wisdom in walking in the counsel of the righteous. What if your children are walking with the wrong crowd? Sound advice for parents.

Work and Money

Are today's college students ready to face the responsibilities of adulthood? Pastor JP Pokluda says no, however coming to Christ changed his perspective and goals.

Growing in Faith

Author Jonathan "JP" Pokluda shares his growth to adulthood, mistakes along the way. After chasing the American Dream tells how he found the key to real purpose

What’s My Call?

Larry and Gladine McCall talk about the special calling of grandparents. While grandparents can bring the fun factor to their grandchildren, their role is so much more.

The Intentional Grandparent

Grandparents Larry and Gladine McCall share the joy of grandparenting with intentionality, pointing their grandchildrent towards the Lord while respecting their adult children

Discerning Justice

Author Hannah Andersond talks about justice and our call as Christians to pursue what is jus. Learn how to teach your children to promote justice without legalism

What is Discernment?

Author Hannah anderson explains what it means to be discerning and how to pursue the good in others even while disagreeing with them

The Value of Discernment

Too many opinions can be overwhelming. Hannah Anderson shares how she's training her children to decide between what's good, what's bad, and what's best

Incomplete Healing

CRU Campus staff Pat and Tammy McLeod, share about their son Zach’s brain injury at a high school football scrimmage, his time in ICU, rehab and the continued pain and setbacks and the Lord’s sustaining power

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