Putting God First in Your Family

When Terence Chatmon's wife, Wanda, brought up her concern that their children weren't prepared to defend their faith after high school, Terence created a radical plan to help his family grow in the faith.

Teaching Kids to Love God

Dennis and Barbara Rainey remind us what Jesus said when he spoke about the greatest commandment to "Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself." A parent's assignment is to demonstrate for their children how

The Family as a Training Center

Dennis and Barbara Rainey talk about some skills children need to learn while they live at home. Hear about some of the mishaps in the Rainey home as Dennis and Barbara tried to teach their six children these skills.

The Bridge That Love Built

Dennis and Barbara Rainey encourage moms and dads to be intentional in their parenting, being especially careful to demonstrate unconditional love and grace as they pursue their children's hearts.

Hope for the Abused Wife

Dr. Ramona Probasco was emotionally and physically abused by her "Christian" husband regularly. Probasco tells what led her to seek help, and what she did to finally leave her abusive marriage.

The Big Secret

Dr. Ramona Probasco tells what it's like to be married to an abusive man. Probasco provides insight into why abused wives don't leave their husbands sooner, and how the abuse affected her children.

Struggling with Infertility

Chelsea Sobolik was devastated when her doctor told her she couldn't have children. Sobolik shares how she found healing for her grieving heart and talks about the wonderful man she married.

A Silent Sorrow

Chelsea Sobolik tells the story of her adoption. Her adoptive parents were led overseas where they prayed God would show them which child to adopt. God led them to a teen who couldn't take care of her baby.

My Brother, My Friend

The way to make the celebration of Christmas in your home more meaningful is to have a deeper knowledge / a deeper relationship with the person whose birthday we’re getting ready to celebrate.

Redeeming the Holidays

How can we as parents make sure that during this Christmas season we as parents continue to point our children to what is the main thing? How can we keep our own hearts there? We’re going to talk more about that today with Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

The Beginning of Something Good

As we enter into the Christmas season, are you ready to have conversations with your kids about the spiritual importance of this holiday?

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