You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity

Pastor Francis Chan and his wife, Lisa, remind listeners how important it is to find a spouse who loves the Lord so that together they can serve God with all their hearts.

The Mediterranean Love Plan: Get Out of the Doldrums

Is your marriage stuck in a sea of complacency? Pastor Steve Arterburn, host of New Life Live, and his wife, Misty, remind couples that marriage takes work, but it's never too late to get back in the boat and repair the relationship. The Arterburns borrow some advice from the Greeks and Italians by encouraging couples to play and spend time together and put the fun back into their marriage.

The Mediterranean Love Plan: Secrets of the Mediterranean

Want your marriage to be more passionate? Best-selling authors Steve and Misty Arterburn share some secrets for better "amore" that folks in the Mediterranean have known for centuries. Backed by research, the Arterburns tell of practical ways to connect with your spouse, including listening, being present, touching, savoring food, and enjoying the surrounding beauty, especially of your wife.

Like The Shepherd: Trusting His Leadership

Author Robert Wolgemuth, along with his wife, Nancy, and blended family expert Ron Deal, talk to husbands about how to lead their wives as loving shepherds. Nancy, who had never married before she wed Robert, a widower, talks about her expectations, her faith, and the adjustments she faced as a newlywed. Robert also talks to men who feel the burden of being a good provider.

Like The Shepherd: Leading So She'll Follow

Within the heart of a woman is a desire to be protected. Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth, along with Ron Deal, talk about the challenges of shepherding a wife in a blended family. Robert explains what he does in his relationship with Nancy to make following him easier.

Like The Shepherd: Shepherding Her Heart

Authors Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth fondly remember the days of their courtship when they discussed becoming a blended family. Nancy recalls how her heart skipped a beat and began to soften as Robert told her how he loved being married and shepherding a wife. Robert gives his best advice for husbands seeking to shepherd well. Joining them is Ron Deal, director of FamilyLife Blended.

Humility Makes You Productive

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me." Author Hannah Anderson, along with Barbara Rainey, explains what it means to be under Christ's yoke, and how we find rest when we embrace His calling for us. Learning to honor the limits of our body and time leads to refreshment.

Taking Up Christ's Yoke

Hannah Anderson, author of "Humble Roots," and Barbara Rainey talk about the need for humility as they seek to live within the boundaries God has drawn for them. Anderson shares that, as we embrace the story God is writing in us, we are free to flourish. We don't obtain humility by looking inward, but by getting on our faces before God and seeking to live our lives in obedience to His will.

Come, Take, and Learn

Author Hannah Anderson, who lives with her family in rural Virginia, tells of a season when the stress and anxiety of daily living kept her up at night. After considering Jesus' words about coming to Him and finding rest, Anderson realized that leaning into Christ and learning humility was the key to finding peace. Anderson joins Barbara Rainey and shares how God gave her the rest she yearned for, not by changing her circumstances, but by changing her.

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Life is often filled with unexpected turns. Lacey Buchanan, author of "Eyes of Hope," talks honestly about the challenges she and her husband have faced since welcoming the birth of their first son, Christian, who was born blind. Buchanan tells how the st

Seeing With Eyes of Faith

Author Lacey Buchanan, a wife and mother of two, talks about the birth of her first son, Christian, who was born with severe facial deformities. Buchanan shares how the faith of her and her husband has helped them through the difficulties and allowed them

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