Your Heartache Matters to Jesus

What is weighing on your heart today? Who can you turn to for help?

He Came for the Victim and the Victimizer

Do you ever see yourself as the victimizer, not just a victim?

Jesus Cares about Your Wellbeing

What was Jesus thinking about just before He breathed His last?

Defined by Your Future

Do you feel defined by your past? Did you know that a Christian's future defines them?

Jesus wants Us to Be with Him

What do you think Jesus wants from you today?

Jesus will not Disqualify You

What kind of people did Jesus hang out with?

Jesus is the Best Teacher

Do you view walking with Jesus as a test? Do you see Jesus as a tester or teacher?

Jesus Reaches out to the Weak

Have you found yourself is a weak and desperate situation? Learn who you can turn to by listening to today's edition of "Hope with God".

Jesus Came to Bring You Honor

Did you know that Jesus came to bring you honor?

He Reaches Out to the Rejected

Do you tend to help those who are rejected?

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