The Divine

Many of us like Jesus—who he was, what he did, how he loved others—but we struggle with his claims of deity. These are edgy claims that catch everyone off guard. What are we to do with Jesus’ unexpected, extraordinary claims? In this passage from John 10, we find four dimensions of the unexpected that reveal the heart of Jesus:

The Shepherd

One of the unique features of the Gospel of John is the attention he gives to the seven “I AM” statements Jesus uttered. In each of these seven statements, Jesus is recorded as saying the phrase ego eimi – “I AM”. This is the Greek translation of the Hebrew YHWH, meaning “I AM Who I AM” from Exodus 3:14. These are purposeful statements hinting at Jesus’ deity. In this passage from John 10, Jesus gives us two more “I AM” statements: “I am the Door of the sheep,” and “I am the Good Shepherd.” What on earth does He mean? Pastor Philip explored three insights into Jesus as our Good Shepherd:

The Blinding - Will you let the Light in

The book of John is a curated collection (events, interactions, and dialogue) written so that the you may believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that by believing you may have Life in His name. In John 9, the author is again curating the story so that we would more clearly see the person of Jesus. We see four refractions of Jesus as the Light of the World. Each of these refractions shed light on who Jesus is and who we are as well.

The I Am - Jesus Offers Freedom Forever

In this passage from the end of John 8, we catch a glimpse of Jesus’ amazing glory. There are three glorious offers he gives us, but each has a tough reality that we must face. Because when the Son breaks through, we’re either drawn to his beauty or blinded by the light, there really no room in between.

When Faith Meets Fear

Fear is a regular emotion in our lives. When God often leads us into fearful situations, and we feel overwhelmed, how should we respond? In this story from Genesis 32 about Jacob and Esau, we see three biblical ways we are to respond to fear.

The Light - Bad Things Grow in the Dark

In this sermon, we explore Jesus’ second “I Am” statement: “I am the light of the world.” This important metaphor helps us unpack Jesus’ true identity. Light is a theme that runs clear across the pages of Scripture, from very beginning to very end. It’s within this biblical narrative, this arc of light, that we begin to see the brilliance of what Jesus is doing here in John 8.

The Forgiver - An Unforgettable Story of Redemptive Hope

Few stories of Jesus are more iconic, gripping, or tender than that of the woman caught in adultery. It’s a story that’s brutally honest, a story of undeniable humanity, a story brimming with redemptive hope, and a story that reveals the forgiveness and love of Jesus in an unforgettable way.

The Galilean - What Should We Do With Jesus

The most interesting people tend to have both consistency and creativity wedded together. This dynamic pairing is embodied by Jesus. In this sermon, we explore six unexpected glimpses of Jesus’ personality

The Bread - Finding Life to the Fullest

This week we come to the first of the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus in the Book of John. In each of these analogies, Jesus is revealing to us something profound about himself. In this sermon, we look at Jesus’ statement that “I am the bread of life.” This logic of this statement is broken down this way: Bread=Life, Jesus=Bread, and so Jesus =Life. He is essentially saying, without me there is no life at all.

The Prophet - Three Layers of Jesus

Like all interesting people, Jesus has layers. If we are truly to see Jesus, we need to know all of him. How do we really know Jesus? In this sermon, we’ll look at three different layers to Jesus. When we know Jesus, that is ultimately how we know ourselves.

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