The Forgiver - An Unforgettable Story of Redemptive Hope

Few stories of Jesus are more iconic, gripping, or tender than that of the woman caught in adultery. It’s a story that’s brutally honest, a story of undeniable humanity, a story brimming with redemptive hope, and a story that reveals the forgiveness and love of Jesus in an unforgettable way.

The Galilean - What Should We Do With Jesus

The most interesting people tend to have both consistency and creativity wedded together. This dynamic pairing is embodied by Jesus. In this sermon, we explore six unexpected glimpses of Jesus’ personality

The Bread - Finding Life to the Fullest

This week we come to the first of the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus in the Book of John. In each of these analogies, Jesus is revealing to us something profound about himself. In this sermon, we look at Jesus’ statement that “I am the bread of life.” This logic of this statement is broken down this way: Bread=Life, Jesus=Bread, and so Jesus =Life. He is essentially saying, without me there is no life at all.

The Prophet - Three Layers of Jesus

Like all interesting people, Jesus has layers. If we are truly to see Jesus, we need to know all of him. How do we really know Jesus? In this sermon, we’ll look at three different layers to Jesus. When we know Jesus, that is ultimately how we know ourselves.

The Promise Fulfiller

The Sin Atoner

The Law Mediator

The Covenant Keeper

Jesus The Curse Breaker

The Protégé - Who does Jesus think he is

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