Praying With Power

Prayer is a spiritual necessity if we want to grow in our faith. It’s a powerful discipline that builds our intimate relationship with the Creator of the universe. So how should we pray? In this sermon, we learn that we must pray with persistence, perspective, and purpose.

Right Relationships

When you have a right relationship with God, how should that vertical relationship affect your horizontal work relationships? God provides us with work for many reasons, one of which is to place us in positions where we are able to encourage others to have a right relationship with God. How we conduct ourselves in the workplace as representatives of Christ makes a significant impact on the effectiveness of our witness.

God's Script For The Family

God designed each of us with unique roles, and the family structure is no different. When we understand our roles and the motivation behind them, our families can reveal truths about God’s nature and character. God’s script for the family is not something meant to limit our individual contributions, but to allow us to truly flourish in our family relationships.

Evidence of Holiness

Do you experience peace with Christ? In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he’s imploring the reader to pursue holiness so that the peace of Christ may dwell in their hearts. In this sermon, we find that there are three evidences of holiness in our lives: the peace of Christ, the word of Christ, and the name of Christ. There is no passive pursuit of holiness; it requires intentionality and a life submitted to the Holy Spirit.

Putting On Virtues

Once we are a new creation in Christ, what’s the next step in our spiritual growth? A new life in Christ isn’t only about an interior renovation of our spirit, although it certainly is that, but also an exterior reclamation of Christian values in our relation to others. The internal spiritual transformation should produce an exterior attitude change towards others. In this passage, the new life in Christ impacts us in four ways: a new identity, a new nature, a new attitude, and a new priority.

A Heavenly Mind for Right Earthly Living

How much thought have you given to setting your mind on heaven so that your life on earth is lived to the fullest? Our effectiveness for Christ in this world is tied to how much we tune our minds into the things of heaven. CS Lewis once wrote: “If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world are those who thought most of the next. It is precisely because Christians have ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this.” In this sermon, we learn that the philosophy for right earthly living is to look up to heaven. Three practices help us to achieve this: we must constantly purge our lives of sinful behavior, we must consistently renew ourselves with the knowledge of Christ through His word, and we must view other believers as unified with us in Christ.

United To Christ

Relationships often open doors to opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It’s who you know, or who you’re united with, that matters. A person’s relationship to Jesus grants access to God that would be impossible otherwise. The moment you place your faith in Christ and enter into that relationship, it fundamentally changes who you are. In this sermon, we unpack three implications of being united with Christ: complete surrender to Christ, full security in Christ, and continue hope in Christ.

False Fruit

If we want to grow spiritually, how should we fuel that growth? That’s a worthy goal many of us have. Yet, in our desire for spiritual growth, we need to be be aware of the things that stunt growth; things that may appear good, but their consequences are damaging. In this sermon, we learn about four false fruits that stunt our growth: false wisdom, false worship, false humility, and false hope.

The Dangers of Legalism

Why is legalism so dangerous to our spiritual health? Legalism is believing that we can earn or keep favor with God by what we do. It flows from the failure to be humbled, broken, amazed, and satisfied by the grace of God in Christ. In this sermon, we learn about three dangers of legalism to avoid: a judgmental spirit, an insistence on man-made rules, and a marginalization of Christ as our supreme focus.

He's A Good, Abba Father

Why does God identify Himself as “Father”? On Father’s Day 2019, this sermon reflects on the nature of our Heavenly Father. Pastor Stetzer shows us how through Christ God adopts us as His children, and He is both our loving Father and our fatherly example. Ultimately, the role of earthly fathers is shaped by God’s character.

The Change You Need

How do we make changes in our lives? Some habits and lifestyles are easier to change than others. But there are some things that are impossible for us to change to change on our own. Only Jesus can bring the change that we really need. In this sermon, we find 3 changes only Jesus can bring: from death to life, from debtor to forgiven, and from defeat to triumph.

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