Glimmers Of Hope

Grief is the price of love. To love deeply is to grieve deeply when love is bereft. And if you’ve ever grieved deeply, you know how hard it is to avoid becoming bitter. Where does our hope come from, and will there be mercies along our journey? That’s where our story about Naomi and Ruth picks up today. In this sermon, we find four wonders—glimmers of hope—about how God leads us in mercies through the darkness. We learn that grief is only a chapter, mercies are everywhere, God is right here with us, and God’s kindness has just begun.

Faith At Which Jesus Marvels

Three introductory observations about our faith: 1. The Bible speaks of two different aspects of a Christianʼs faith: “Saving” faith and “Continuing” faith. 2. Both are the product of Godʼs grace at work in the believerʼs heart. 3. The Protestant Reformers distinguished three elements of saving and continuing faith: Knowledge, Assent, Trust. The two characteristics of the centurionʼs faith that caused Jesus to “marvel” are: a humble faith, a bold faith. Conclusion: The kind of faith that causes God to marvel—and thus the kind of faith Christians should seek from the Lord—is humbly bold and boldly humble.

The Necessity Of Courage

Every Christian experiences fear during our lifetime. If we are to overcome our fears, we need courage. How can we have Biblical courage to face our fears? In this message, Pastor Bill shares three points about the necessity of courage in the life of Christian. Courage is acting out of confidence in God, not out of fear from your circumstances. In our walk with the Lord, we learn that obedience to God requires courage.

Merciful Justice

Fellowship In Sufferings

Grief is messy and leads us through a painful journey. The way out of the darkness is often found through the faithful love of someone in our lives who walks with us towards the dawn. In Ruth’s story, that kind of love is called "Hesed". It means loving selflessness, enduring faithfulness, and forbearing graciousness. God provides hesed love for Ruth in the story, and He offers it to all of us too. But here's where it gets real: Hesed is not just the kind of love God extends to us, it is also the kind of love God calls us to extend to one another. We incarnate hesed for one another, because Jesus incarnated hesed for us.

Running to Reality

When our world is shattered, how do we pick up the pieces and get back to normal? When we’ve lost something and are grieving, our capacity for restoration depends on finding God’s mercies in the dark times. We have to face grief square in the face and invite God into that darkness if we are going to be able to find the dawn again.

Healthy Church Members Part 2

In Pastor Ed Stetzer's final message at The Moody Church, we look at what it means for our church family to be all in for the gospel of Jesus Christ and His mission. Three things that a healthy church needs to live out: a world-changing message of the gospel of the Kingdom, a life-changing message of the gospel of personal transformation, and a Jesus-focused mission to reach other.

Healthy Church Members

As we prepare for the arrival of our new senior pastor, we reflect on our individual roles in creating a healthy church. In this sermon, we explore what it means for a person to love the Lord with all their heart and soul. The outpouring of that reality is a church member who contributes to building up that local body of Christ. The qualities of a healthy church member are that they are present in worship, present with the church, and present in the missions.

The Pastor's Role In A Healthy Church

We're three weeks away from the arrival of a new Senior Pastor at The Moody Church. As we enter a new season in the life of our church, how does scripture guide us in preparing our hearts for such as time? In the first of a 3-part series, Pastor Ed describes the unique role and responsibilities of a pastor in the leadership of the church.

Living and Demonstrating Dependence through Prayer

How does prayer demonstrate our dependence and trust in God in real life? In the midst of pain and difficulty, prayerful dependence on God rains down heavenly peace and perspective. The ones who have walked through the deepest valley often have the most incredible joy. The prayers of the righteous produce joy and praise in all seasons. And that joy demonstrates our dependence on God.

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