The Macedonian Call And Moody Church

Breaking Through Ceilings

The Real Deal

A God-Centered View Of The World

Can I Know God Personally

Is The Bible Reliable

Is Jesus Really God

Was Jesus just a good man, a respected teacher? Was he a lunatic? Or was he something far more? In this message, Pastor Bertsche lays out the case for Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Three reasons to believe Jesus is God: the clear teaching about Jesus in the Bible, the changed lives of Jesus’ followers, and the character and ministry of Jesus.

Is Christianity Too Narrow

What makes Christianity unique? Can it really claim to be the only way to God? In this sermon, we learn about three distinctive traits of Christianity in our pluralistic world: its strangeness, its inclusiveness, and its exclusiveness.

Why Does God Allow Pain And Suffering

Why does God allow pain and suffering? In this sermon, we learn the reasons God allows suffering, the rewards He gives for those that endure, and the response we should have during difficult times.

Is There A God

Is there evidence outside of the Bible that help us answer the question of the existence of God? Has science disproven God? The evidence supports a finely tuned intelligent design behind the universe that was geared towards life on our planet. Not only does this support the existence of God, but it also tells us that God cares about His creation.

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