The King Is Coming

Forgiving Like Jesus

Turn Down The Outrage

The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

The Heart Test

We face an ongoing temptation to relax God’s laws when they seem too difficult to obey. In this passage, Jesus gives us two examples of how people can be guilty of this: adultery and divorce. Ultimately, we learn that the heart of the law reveals the heart of God, and our response to it reveals our heart towards God.

Relationship And Reconciliation

Only 10% of an iceberg is visible above the surface. We enter a time in our series, A Higher Standard, where Jesus presents six statements that are far deeper than they initially appear; we don’t want to miss the higher standards to which He is calling us. In this passage, we learn that people are the very image bearers of God, and our response to conflict should reflect that Kingdom perspective. Kingdom people are people of reconciliation. We should be pursuing forgiveness of others, striving towards love, and bearing one another’s burdens.

A Higher Standard

The Old Testament contains laws that point to God’s redemptive plan for the world. It wasn’t until the arrival of Jesus in the New Testament that we find the fulfillment of the law. Jesus fulfills the Old Testament, and now we live in light of the new life He gives. Ultimately, Jesus is a greater righteousness than the law, which He attributes to those who believe in Him.

Money's Purpose

Using the right tool, the wrong way, can hurt you. Money is a tool, and when used inline with Kingdom values, it leads to financial freedom. When its misused, you actually end up hurting yourself and others. In this passage from Luke, we learn that if we seek the Kingdom first, trust in God’s provision, surrender our possessions, and relocate our hearts, we’ll be on God’s path to financial freedom.

Greed's Antidote

This passage serves as a warning to the rich. What most of us often fail to realize is that we’re all far richer than we think we are. Jesus equates our treasure to our loyalty, and warns us to watch out for greed. Greed is a form of idolatry, meaning that it prioritizes something above God. In this sermon, we learn that we, the rich, are given special instructions to set our hope on God and be rich in works and giving, so that we might live a “real” life.

Debt's Dangers

The statistics on debt in America are staggering. Not only are people finding themselves enslaved to the pursuit of money, but they are also experiencing a profound lack of contentment. How can we avoid the pitfalls that can entrap us financially and take our focus away from trusting God with our lives? How can eliminate our debt and experience ultimate freedom? In this message, we explore the path to financial freedom that leads through a content heart, a cautious spirit, and a correct view of money. Money cannot buy happiness. Our satisfaction and true contentment only comes through trusting God and acknowledging that He provides for all our needs.

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