Greed's Antidote

This passage serves as a warning to the rich. What most of us often fail to realize is that we’re all far richer than we think we are. Jesus equates our treasure to our loyalty, and warns us to watch out for greed. Greed is a form of idolatry, meaning that it prioritizes something above God. In this sermon, we learn that we, the rich, are given special instructions to set our hope on God and be rich in works and giving, so that we might live a “real” life.

Debt's Dangers

The statistics on debt in America are staggering. Not only are people finding themselves enslaved to the pursuit of money, but they are also experiencing a profound lack of contentment. How can we avoid the pitfalls that can entrap us financially and take our focus away from trusting God with our lives? How can eliminate our debt and experience ultimate freedom? In this message, we explore the path to financial freedom that leads through a content heart, a cautious spirit, and a correct view of money. Money cannot buy happiness. Our satisfaction and true contentment only comes through trusting God and acknowledging that He provides for all our needs.

God's Ownership

Think about this statement for a moment: God owns everything. What comes to mind? Do you believe that? Do you live in light of that? This passage from 1 Chronicles 29 gives us three keys to unlocking God’s wisdom for financial freedom: you must yield to God’s ownership, by acknowledging Him as the source for all that you have, and live a life of gratitude and dependence. Its not easy at first, but this is God’s design for the pursuit of lasting treasure and ultimate joy. Rather than being slaves to our possessions, God wants to us experience the freedom and joy that can only come by acknowledging His Lordship over our lives and our possessions. God isn’t after our money, but He is after our hearts.

The Lost Sons

We are loved far more by God than we ever realize. This passage in Luke about the Prodigal Son teaches us three incredible points about salvation and God’s love for us: God’s love is exceptional; God’s love is extravagant; and God’s love is enduring. When we wander, the moment we turn back to God, He will always take us back. It doesn’t matter how long or how far we’ve wander. The same extravagant love of God that we see in the parable of the Prodigal Son is the same love given to us. You cannot lose God’s love, and you cannot earn God’s love; it’s something that you can only receive.

When All Seems Lost

Have you ever felt lost or abandoned? Scripture shows us that we are all helpless and lost because of sin. But God, in His great mercy, finds us in our sin and provides a way to take bring us back home. This passage in Luke shows us three incredible realities of God’s work for our salvation: God’s initiative to save us, humanity’s unbelievable value to its Creator, and heavenly rejoicing when we are found. You matter to God.

Light, Life, And The Lord

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of the Light of the World, what does it mean for us to be lights in our world?

Salty Saints

Blessed Are The Persecuted

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

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