Supernatural Strength

The Vine

The Dance

The Way

The Mission Remains Incomplete

The Problem of Victory

The Troubled

When a film director wants the audience to focus on the magnitude of what’s happening in a scene, they will often bring the shot in close and slow everything down. That’s kind of what John is doing for us in chapters 13-17. Jesus is in the upper room with His disciples just hours before His crucifixion. John wants us to focus on the magnitude of what’s happening, and to see everything. By doing so, we’re able to reflect on three astonishing realities:

The Servant

The Resurrection - Is Eternal Life Real To You

On Easter we traditionally look at one of the Gospel accounts of that glorious morning when the disciples discovered the empty tomb and realized that Jesus had risen from the dead. But this Easter we break with tradition. In this sermon we explore at an event that took place just a couple weeks prior to Jesus’ own resurrection when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

The Hour

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