In Times Of Trouble

What does spirit inspired patience look like during times of suffering? James provides us with three examples in this passage. In times of trouble, the people of God are not to be idle, but to speak truth and seek justice while we wait for the Lord to move and work according to His will. Patient endurance will sustain itself when rested on the conviction that times of trouble are not random, but that God has some purpose behind them.

Take It One Day At A Time

Everyone looks to the future. We make our plans but are frustrated when they get derailed. Scripture warns us that so much of our lives are spent waiting for tomorrow that we miss what God has for us today. We rush to what’s next and fail to focus on who God is now. This passage from James shows us that when we live our lives under the assumption that God has our future in His hands, we find a firm foundation upon which to live today. We own no tomorrow, but we do need to be good stewards of today.

Overcoming Quarrels

Why do we quarrel with others? Our quarrels are caused by our internal passions at war within ourselves. Jesus wants to adjust our hearts so that we move from an argumentative spirit to humility and unity. In the process, we must learn to humble ourselves before God. It's not always easy; but God is more interested in our character than our comfort. Choose humility, not quarrelsomeness, with God and others. If we do this, we'll be more like Jesus and less like the world.

You Produce the Kind You Grow

Watch Your Mouth

A Living Faith

God Forbids Favoritism

He Is Risen- Jesus, Pandemics, and Eternity

Happy Easter! Pastor Ed Stetzer shares with us the incredible, life-changing hope that can only be found in Jesus. In this sermon, taken from Luke 24, we see that the truth of the resurrection encourages us to praise Jesus, it creates burning hearts for new life, and it compels us to share that message with others.

Three Lessons From Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, as Christians across the United States begin Holy Week celebrations in their homes, Pastor Michael Best shares with us three insights from Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. How does this story help to center on our minds on the truth of the gospel at a time when many of us are feeling confused and afraid? Three lessons from this moment in Jesus' ministry offer us great hope: Jesus is always in control, Jesus is worthy of our praise, and Jesus is motivated by love.

The Three Invitations Of Jesus

Today The Moody Church family voted to call Pastor Philip Miller as our next Senior Pastor. This is his first sermon preached at The Moody Church. In this season of fear and uncertainty, could it be that Jesus is inviting us to go deeper into life with Him? This passage contains three invitations from Jesus: come be with Me; come together and become like Me; and come join Me in the work I am doing. In this moment when the world seems crazy and everything is stripped away, do you hear His call to go deeper and will you draw near in discipleship of Jesus?

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