Looking Back, Looking Forward

Why do we struggle to see God's faithfulness in our lives? Near the end of Jacob's life, he reflected on the scope of his life by considering the overarching, sovereign plan of God. In this sermon we learn three characteristics of God's plan for our own lives: God's plan is full of surprises; God's plan is full of hope; and God's plan is full of His faithfulness. Even in the surprises of our life, don't miss God's sovereign hand over it all.

Jacob, Joseph, and Jesus

Life isn’t always linear; pain, sorrows, and suffering can obscure the direction of our lives away from our preferred path. Yet during these setbacks, it’s important to remember that there’s a tapestry of our lives that will one day be fulfilled in its entirety and God’s ultimate plan will be revealed. Like Joseph’s story, God is making a beautiful tapestry for His glory through our lives.

God’s Sovereignty in the Midst of Suffering

It's often difficult to understand the reasons behind suffering and trials we have in this world. How should we process our suffering during these difficult times? Joseph's life story is one of great suffering and trials, but also one of great sovereignty under the faithful, loving, guiding hand of God. In the midst of our struggles, we should be rooted in the understanding that God is in control and sovereign over these situations. He is working for our good and for His glory.

Portrait of Repentance

What is the evidence of true repentance? In this passage, we see Judah's heart repent from the sin committed against Joseph. We learn that it's not enough to be sorry or express regret. Genuine repentance is a complete change of heart that acknowledges sin and sets off on a new path. We all have things in our lives from which we need to repent. The good news of the gospel is that, in humility, we can confess our sin and purpose in our heart to turn from it through the saving grace of Jesus.

True Change

Explaining the Trinity

The Cost of Rejecting God’s Sovereignty

Delightful Trust in the Sovereignty of God

From Bad To Worse

Joseph’s Character and God’s Sovereignty

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