I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

How do you press through on a day you wanna give up? Do it in Jesus’ strength. Peggy and Babbie discuss defeat, victory, and the power in deciding to walk every day with Jesus.

Being Part of God's Family

We often talk about confessing our sins to God but not declaring God’s truth over our lives. Babbie and Peggy chat about the power of reminding ourselves aloud who God is and who we are. They also share practical exercises to make declaration a daily habit.

Who Are You

What you say about yourself can profoundly effect the way you live your life, and negative self-talk like, “I’m ugly” or “I can’t do this,” damage the way you treat yourself and others. However, positive self-talk does not have all the answers either. In this episode, Babbie and Peggy share how proclaiming the what God says about us gives us an anchor to tie our identity to.

Our Identity in Christ

Today we get back to basics. Peggy shares how the podcast came to be, and Babbie shares how God inspired her to write her book, I Am the Daughter of the Most High King.

Finding Hope

Are you stuck in the middle of something? A frustrating job, lifeless marriage, or a hard season of life? Babbie and Peggy bring tips and encouragement that God is just as involved in the middle of something as he is in the beginning and the end.

Hope in Suffering

Where does hope come in our suffering? Sometimes, in the middle of running the race, the suffering seems to difficult. Dr. Peggy and Babbie discuss what God’s word says about the hope that comes from persevering in times of suffering as we build character that is dependent on God.


There is always something that tries to steal our hope, but the Lord’s love never fails. When we put our trust in Him and His word, our hope rises.

Wait On the Lord

Without hope, we want to give up. Peggy and Babbie continue their discussion on the hope that comes from waiting on the Lord as He gives us the courage and strength to remain confident that we will see His goodness.

Waiting in Hope

How do we find hope in the waiting? Today, Peggy and Babbie discuss how we find hope for what is to come through watching the power and character of God as we wait upon Him.

Sharing Hope

Sometimes, we are afraid to share a word of hope with others. However, when we find the courage to do so, not only do we encourage that person, but we ourselves are encouraged. Peggy and Babbie discuss the importance and value in surrounding oneself in a community of people who remind us that God is a God of hope.

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