Danger of Tickling Ears

What should the church be like towards sin and sinners? Dr. Jeff Schreve gives the answer in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Credible Ministry

How is your marriage? How does your marriage affect your ministry?

What's Playing in Your Head?

Is the song which is playing over and over in your head negative or positive? Want to know how to change the song? Listen to advice from Dr. Jeff Schreve in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Taking the Gloves Off

Who was the strongest, toughest preacher who ever lived?

Keeping It Real

Do you deal with things openly and honestly? Do you deal with the junk in your life's closet? How can you deal with them effectlvely? Dr.Jeff Schreve shares how in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

How Many Roads to Heaven?

Some people say there are many ways to get to heaven, but are they right? Does the Bible agree with them? What makes Christianity different from the religions of the world?

How Big is Your Daddy

The storm was fierce and the waves were high, threatening the lives of the men in the little boat. How does that help you today? Dr. Jeff Schreve reveals how in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Heart for God

What was so impressive about King David of ancient Israel? How did that impact Dr. Jeff Schreve as a college student? What difference does it make today?

Got Manna?

What was manna? How was it like Jesus? The answers may surprise you, so listen to Dr. Jeff Schreve in this edition of "Real Hope Minute".

Fox Hunting

How aware are you of the little foxes which harm your marriage? In this episode of Real Hope Minute, Dr. Jeff Schreve brings awareness of some of these pesky foxes.

Fire Proof

Millions of couples are miserable in their marriage, and they just want out. But listen, divorce is not the answer. Do you know why God hates divorce? It's because . . .

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