Faith and Patience

Do you like waiting? How should you view "waiting"? Right now, what are you waiting for God to do?

Enough is Enough

No matter how many times you have been knocked down, you need to remember that . . .

Encouragement Anyone?

His name was Joseph. The way he carried himself communicated to people that God was able, no matter how bleak the situation might be. His mentors noticed how encouraging Joseph was, and they changed his name to Barnabas, which means . . .

Cure For the Blues

Do you ever feel blah? You know, kind of down … and a little frustrated with your life? Sure you do! Guess what? There is a cure!

Why Are My Prayers Not Being Answered?

Have you ever felt like God was just not answering your prayers? I believe one of the biggest reasons we do not see God do miraculous things in response to our prayers is simply because . . .

When You Feel Like Quitting

George Mueller was a great man of faith and prayer. He once prayed for a friend’s salvation for more than sixty years. At Mueller’s funeral, that friend . . .

The Difference Maker

Daniel and his friends were in a tough spot. King Nebuchadnezzar had a troublesome dream, and he demanded that the wise men of Babylon tell him both the dream and the interpretation. And if they couldn't, all the wise men were going to be killed. What happened next?

Prayers That Pack a Punch

Millions of people pray every day. Some pray long, and some pray short ... but lots of people who pray see little to no response to their requests. Why is that? One of the biggest reasons is this: . . .

Living By Faith

What is the difference between faith and unbelief?

But I Don't Know What to Pray

Hey, would you like to know how to go to the next level in YOUR prayer life

Building Strong Faith

What is the shortcut to deep spiritual growth?

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