Be Ashamed and Be Ashamed Of

Are you ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ?
Do you want Him to be ashamed of you?
Jesus told us what will happen if we are ashamed of Him.

One Thing

We choose what we seek
What are you seeking after?
David's choice

Not One Thing

God in the Old Testament
Proof of the faithfulness of God
Testimony in Contemplation of death
The Children of Israel fulfill the promises of an oath

Opposed, Fretting and Envious

Are you being opposed?
Are you fretting?
Are you envious?
The Holy Bible addresses those situations

That Amazing Christian Church

Brief history of that amazing Christian Church.

Jesus gives the guarantee

The Songs of Zion

The Songs of Zion are "The Lord's Songs".

Music sung in the church (the Holy Place) should be "The Lord's Songs".

Suffering for Christ's Sake

The suffering of the Apostle Paul

Pick Up the Power

The Power that is in the word of God.
To be effective, the Christian minister must employ the word of God.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Jesus Christ
The foundational elements of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Critical information for every Christian Church

Where to Get a Life

What do people mean when they say, "Get a Life"?
What is life?
Who has life?
Who does not have Life?
Where to get a life.


Understanding the nature of life on Planet Earth.

Formula for a successful journey

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