The Purposes of God

Almighty God is Sovereign.
We exist for God's purposes.
It is not wise to blame God.
God knows what He wants.
God knows how He wants His world to operate.
God knows what He wants for each person's life.
God's ways are higher than our ways.
The Christian believer should seek to understand the purposes of God.

Do Not Err, My Beloved Brethren

The Lord wants the Christian believer to grow Spiritually.
The Lord has provided the information, instruction and resources for us to grow Spiritually.
The Lord wants us to become mature Christian believers.
Have you grown Spiritually?
Are you a Spiritually mature Christian believer?

The Vision of God

The Vision of Almighty God is perfect.
Almighty God sees EVERYTHING.
The Lord sees you.
When God looks at you, who does He really see?
When God looks at you, what does He really see?

Wise Up - - - A Message to Men

God seeks men that will obey Him.
God seeks men who will walk in the paths of righteousness for His Name's sake.
God seeks men who will raise families that will obey Him.
God seeks men that will manage His Planet the way He wants it managed.

The Testimony of the Samaritans

An unexpected encounter yields unexpected results.
What a difference ONE day can make!!!
What a difference ONE encounter can make!!!
The world needs more encounters like THAT encounter!!!
The world needs more days like THAT day!!!

Behold Thy God!

Have you ever REALLY thought about Almighty God?
What do you know about Almighty God?
When you make decisions, do you have Almighty God in mind?
When you make plans, do you have Almighty God in mind?
Have you PREPARED a place in your life for Almighty God?
What is your view of Almighty God?

It is Time to Repent

In order to obtain the Eternal favor of Almighty God, a person must repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Repentance and faith bring Salvation.
Salvation is FREE!!!

A King Repents

God blesses a man.
The man is placed in a very powerful position.
God gives the man all he needs.
The man wants more.
The man lusts after a pretty woman.
The man sins.
The man's sin displeases God.

Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You!!!

God is Love. God is kind. God is longsuffering.
God often gives people chance, after chance, after chance, after chance.

Some people squander each and every chance God graciously gives.
Please don't be one of those unwise people.
Don't Let The Sunshine Fool You!!!

When Not Enough Becomes More Than Enough

What is your current condition? Do you have what you need? Do you have deficits in your life? Where do you seek solutions? Have you overlooked important elements of your situation?

The Essence of Christ

How God "saved" Baby Jesus.
How God dealt with the legal father of Jesus Christ.
How God's servant obeyed God.
How a king tried to destroy Jesus Christ.
How the Apostle Paul viewed his own life.

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