The Essence of Christ

How God "saved" Baby Jesus. How God dealt with the legal father of Jesus Christ. How God's servant obeyed God. How a king tried to destroy Jesus Christ How the Apostle Paul viewed his own life

The Love Of The Truth

We often have a mistaken view of love.
Our limited view of love can lead us to misguided conclusions regarding the nature, quality and availability of that most wonderful gift that is available to all human beings.
"The love of the truth" discussed in this session sheds greater light on the quality and magnitude of love..

The Greatest

Superlatives often roll off our tongues; but, what do they really mean?
In your life, how do you establish degrees of importance?
What is good, better, best, great, greatest?
This discussion of "The Greatest" may provide additional food for thought and basis for faith.

Worship Service - - The True Light

Worship Service of Trinity Baptist Church - - November 17, 2002
Sermon: The True Light

The True Light

Darkness and Light
Come to the Light
Jesus Christ is the Light
How to come to the Light
The present opportunity

Christianity 101 Taught by Pastor Clarence William Page

A few important touch points of Christianity

Opposition to the King of Kings

A king tries to kill The King of Kings.

Stay Clean

This Christmas sermon reaches all the way back to Cain and Abel; it mentions Noah, Lot, David, Isaiah, Jonah, Joseph, Mary, Simeon and others. In addition, it addresses some present-day issues and situations.

A Message Especially for Men and Women

A sermon for a society that is fast fleeing God.

Children of the Highest

Teachings on Christian character.

Run to Jesus

Along with Salvation come many benefits
When a person becomes Saved, Almighty God becomes that person's Heavenly Father
Our Heavenly Father loves us
Our Heavenly Father orders our steps in His word
Our Heavenly Father forgives our sins
Our Heavenly Father gives us a home in Heaven
Along with Salvation come so many other benefits

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