Sweating the Small Stuff

In the words of Maya Angelou, “Do the best you can until you know better”- So, don’t sweat the small stuff.


Hope is a powerful thing. It inspires us and encourages us to carry on during difficult times.

Welcome to Parenthood

Be the superhero of a parent you are but make sure you take time for yourself in the word, with your Savior; and find moments of peace just for you.

Nothing New

Don’t discount your parents’ advice so quickly. Chances are they can relate more than you think.

What Weighs You Down?

What emotional baggage is weighing you down?

Mr. Rogers

Maybe God is calling you to preach or is calling you into ministry. This can look different for everyone.


It is so important to be in the word. Don’t just rely on someone else’s interpretation of the scriptures.

Clean Up Your Act

Daniel was blunt with a king because he was more concerned about the King of Kings.

Dear God, Why?

"Have you ever exclaimed, “Dear God why?!” Did you do it out of curiosity or pain?"

Build Each Other Up

In a commercial world of cutthroat competition, the family of God should look much different

Our Strength

Look- life is tough. And Jesus Himself said that in this world there will be trouble. So, don’t fight your battles alone.

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