The Bright Side of Broken

Life is interesting and complicated and beautiful, and in the midst of the mess is the One who knows everything and loves me anyway.

Problem or Opportunity?

What’s your perspective when faced with a challenge? Does it leave you defeated, or do you see it as an opportunity for God to do something incredible?

Show Up

It’s crucial to show up- in life, period. That’s exactly what God does for us, He shows up in our lives. He showed up in the person of Jesus Christ.

Off the Chain

In Christ, we’re God's sons and daughters, not slaves. He draws us in with perfect love, not demands.

He Will Not Waste the Rain

If you are going through a trial, believe that God can work even the toughest situations for the good of those who love Him.

Comfort in the Storm

There are moments in my life now that cause me to fear; but of more serious things. It’s in these moments that I run to my Heavenly Father.

Intuition or Discernment

As we continue to walk with God and learn His voice, our discernment, intuition and decision making will come in line with His will.


Learning to experience joy amid pain requires an ability to live with a certain amount of tension.

Focal Point

Like a work of art, the writers of the New Testament put Jesus as the focal point of their writings. He puts everything else into perspective.

It Doesn't Fit

How many times have you heard someone quoting scripture out of context to support their opinion? This is a dangerous way to study the Word of God

Family Trees

Much like how trees in a forest are connected, we, in the body of Christ are connect too.

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