Psalm Thirty-Six

Psalm 36 shows us a contrast between wicked people and the righteousness of God.

Psalm Thirty-Five Part Two

What can we learn from the suffering of Jesus Christ? Parts of Psalm 35 seem to be Messianic—they point ahead to the suffering of Jesus Christ, but how does that help you? Pastor David Beaty shows how in this edition of "Psalm Starter".

Psalm Thirty-Five Part One

What is an imprecatory psalm? How are we supposed to understand such hard words and feelings? Pastor David Beaty answers these in today's edition of "Psalm Starter".

Psalm Thirty-Four Part Three

"He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken." Is that saying Christians won't have broken bones? Why would David put that in this psalm? The last verses of Psalm 34 contain a Messianic message.

Psalm Thirty-Four Part Two

How would you teach someone to have "the fear of the Lord"? Psalm 34 was written by King David and recalls the time when he pretended to be insane in order to spare his own life.

Psalm Thirty-Four Part One

What should we remember in the midst of our difficult times? The background story for Psalm 34 is found in 1 Samuel chapter 21 when King David was fleeing from Saul.

Psalm Thirty-Three Part Two

Doesn't God see and care about out huge enemy? What should we think about their size and threats? An emphasis of the latter half of Psalm 33 is that God is not impressed by great military might.

Psalm Thirty-Three Part One

Who has the need for you to praise God: you or God? "Psalm 33 does not have an identified author and is a psalm of praise to God for His great work in creation.

Psalm Thirty-Two

If you can't hide your sins from God, what are you supposed to do with them? Pastor David Beaty shares from Psalm 32 how to deal with your sins and sinfulness in today's edition of "Psalm Starter".

Psalm Thirty-One Part Two

Psalm 31 records some important things that King David learned about the Lord in the midst of a serious trial.

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