The Promised King

Pastor Chuck shares Paul's sermon highlights about Jesus. What was the result after Paul shared?

The Shipwreck at Malta

Isn't God All-powerful? Couldn't He have done better?

Paul Sent to Rome

When we pray, we seldom know how God will actually bring about the answer to our prayers. How did He answer Paul's?

The Supernatural in the Natural

So, who helped Paul avoid death, God or humans?

Paul Gives His Testimony

Why did God allow in your life what has happened? How can God use it in your future?

Paul Before King Agrippa

Waiting. Waiting! Why wait? What should one do while waiting for the all-powerful, all-knowing God to do something?

The Decision for Christ

Putting off decisions can be a bad habit that is hard to break, sometimes with eternal consequences. What happens when someone defers the decision the trust Christ?

The Resurrection of the Dead

What kind of body will we have in heaven? Will we even have one?

The Way

What did the Apostle Paul mean when he referred to "The Way"?

Paul in Caesarea

How did God rescue Paul from angry people who were plotting to kill him?

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