Paul's Response to the Corinthians

With all of the problems in the Corinthian church, how should Paul handle it?

Washed - Sanctified - Justified

How can a sinful person ever hope to stand before a Holy God?

Christians and Legal Recourse

What should a Christian do when wronged?

Our Life in the World

How do you divide life in the church from life in the world?

Problems in the Corinthian Church

Sin and divisiveness abounded where they shouldn't have existed. Sound familiar?

The Hidden Things of Darkness

So, what's going on in your heart? Can it be known by anyone else?

The Wisdom of this World

"Not all science is science." Have you heard this yet?

Christ the Foundation

Wood, hay and stubble! Pastor Chuck shares how he believes much done in the name of religion or even in Christianity is only these.

Marks of Carnality

Pastor Chuck may well surprise you with his thoughts on what he includes as a mark of carnality. Listen to today's episode to learn what he has to say.

The Natural Man

How should a Christian pray concerning non-Christians?

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