Don’t Make Mistakes In Determining God’s Will

Don’t Make Mistakes In Determining God’s Will Finding God’s will is a serious matter, but there are some mistakes we need to avoid in our seeking. That’s Dr. Tony Hart’s message today from Acts chapter 1.

With God’s Help You Can Pick Up The Pieces

With God’s Help You Can Pick Up The Pieces Perhaps you think your life is just a mess of pieces. Just like there is a method to putting a puzzle together, God had a method of putting your life back together and when He’s done it will be beautiful. We’re in Acts chapter 1. Here’s Dr. Hart.

Continue The Work That Jesus Started

Dr. Tony Hart is about to begin a journey through the Book of Acts: the supernatural beginnings of the church, and the work of the Holy Spirit as He uses believers to continue the work of Christ. You won’t want to miss this exciting journey! Join us!

Do you know what you’re supposed to know?

Today Dr. Tony Hart closes his teaching from the book of 1 John with 4 things the writer wants us to know. Do you know what you’re supposed to know? Let’s find out.

The Shepherd & The Family

Today Dr. Tony Hart reminds us all of the lesson Jesus gives us about family in this familiar portion of scripture. We’re in John chapter 10.

Pray For One Another

Each of us as believers are called to the ministry of intercession: going to God on behalf of others. It’s a privilege and a responsibility. Dr. Hart is still teaching from 1 John chapter 5. We invite you to join us.

There Are Credible Witnesses To The Truth Of God’s Word

In the court of man guilt or innocence often depends upon the credibility of the witnesses. In today’s message Dr. Tony Hart calls to the stand witness after witness who will testify to the truth of the Gospel. Credible? Judge for yourself. Open your Bible to 1 John chapter 5.

Travel The Road From Faith To Victory

Sometimes it feels like getting from where we are to where we need to be is an impossibility. Today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart will you encourage you and strengthen your faith in the journey. If victory is your destination, you can get there from here. We’re in 1John chapter 5.

Moving Towards Perfect Love

The “perfect” love in which God wants us to operate doesn’t mean without flaw: it means mature… full grown… It’s like the difference between the infatuation of puppy love and the fullness of an adult relationship. That’s today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart from 1John chapter 4. Join in!

Family Matters

In this special Mother’s Day message from Colossians chapter three, Dr. Tony Hart reminds us of the importance of family, and what a bible based family looks like.

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