The Wise Man Fears The Lord

All other types of learning are worthless unless built upon a knowledge of the Lord. In today’s teaching we’ll jump around in the book of Proverbs looking at the wisdom of fearing the Lord.

Integrity Deficit Disorder

As we continue our study into the themes of the Book of Proverbs, today we look at the wisdom found in a life of integrity.

A Wise Man Is Slow To Anger

A young man said to his Father, “I lost my temper.” His Father replied, “You didn’t lose your temper, you found it.” The Bible says that “Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.” Wise words indeed.

God Knows All About It

All of us have experienced situations where we’ve felt that no one could possibly understand what we were going through. It is true that each of us processes pain, loss, and disappointment differently. Even though you and I have experienced similar circumstances, I can’t really know how you feel- but God can, and He does.

Commitments Are Binding

It’s a concept that is found in every one of the 66 books that comprise the canon of Scripture, and yet is overlooked by many: Commitment. The idea that “My word is my bond” seems old fashioned in a society that touts the “supposed” freedom of individual choice. A commitment is a debt. Be sure you pay all of yours.

How To Live A Meaningful Life

A recent article claimed to contain a list of several keys to living a meaningful life. On the list were things like: Live in the Present Moment. ... Focus on the Important Things. ... Be Generous to Others. ... Live Simply… Find your passion… All of these are things that will help enrich your life, but living a truly meaningful life must include the cultivation of a spiritual life that is rooted and grounded in a relationship with God through His Son.

Religiously Transmitted Diseases

Just as we can encourage each other when we do what’s right, we can influence others when we don’t. If you don’t want to be the carrier of a Religiously Transmitted Disease.

God Is Always At Work

Even when we don’t realize it, God is at work. Even if things don’t happen when and how we want them to, never think that God has dropped the ball. He’s working, 24/7/365

The Anatomy Of Division

Today’s teaching is entitled “The Anatomy of Division.” In the same way that we can study the structure and internal workings of the physical body, Acts chapter 23 dissects “division” in the spiritual body and exposes some of the root causes.

Remember The Important Things

If you made a list of the things that are important to you, what would it look like? Would God’s list for you be the same? Today’s message will give us all some food for thought.

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