The Holy Spirit Goes Viral

In today’s message it’s not “something” that spreads rapidly through the population, it’s “Someone.” And that Someone is the Holy Spirit. Today we’re in Acts chapter 10.

Are You Ready?

How wonderful it is to know that God wants to bless His children. We must however put ourselves in a position to be blessed. From our archived messages, here’s our founder, the late Dr. B. Sam Hart asking, “Are You Ready?”

The 4 Levels Of Christmas

Today’s message urges us to not be satisfied with the surface type celebrations and trappings of this Christmas season. Jesus deserves a higher level of commitment. Merry Christmas from all of us here at the GOGF!

God Desires To Work Through People

We invite you to join us for today’s message as Dr. Tony Hart continues our trek through the book of Acts, where today we see God’s desire to use us and work through us.

Accept Those Who Christ Accepts

Jesus’ invitation to come to Him is given to “whosoever will.” Our invitation must be the same. In today’s teaching from Acts chapter 9 Dr. Tony Hart reminds us to accept those whom Christ accepts.

God Can Use You To Do Special Things

God can use you to do special things for Him. And just like Ananias in Acts chapter 8 of today’s teaching, God will use you if you like Ananias say, “Lord, here I am.” Tune in for today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart

Don't Fight God's Plan For Your Life

Many have tried, and many have failed. You can run, but you can’t hide. In today’s challenging message from Acts chapter nine Dr. Tony Hart urges us not to fight God’s plan for our lives.

Spiritual Power Operates In A Repentant Heart

Just like some things can only be done if we have the proper raining, God’s power only comes with the proper attitude of the heart.

The Greatest Power Comes From Faith In God

Join us today as Dr. Tony Hart continues his teaching in the book of Acts and reminds us that the power that comes from faith in God is the greatest power that we can ever experience.

God Uses Persecution To Build Our Lives

Today we’re in Acts chapter 8 where a great persecution generates a great proclamation. Just as God used this persecution to grow the church, He can also use it to grow your life. Here’s Dr. Tony Hart with today’s teaching.

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