Humility Results In Exaltation

God’s Word contains many paradoxes— statements that appear contradictory on the surface but when understood in context, complement one another, and reveal a richer picture of truth. In today’s teaching we look at one such example.

The Sure Steps To Success

Today we unearth another of our archived messages with the late Dr. B. Sam Hart. He’s teaching from the Book of Joshua and he outlines for us the sure steps to success.

Humility Makes You More Like Jesus

We are to think of ourselves the way Christ Jesus thought of Himself. He had equal status with God but did not think so much of Himself that he had to cling to that status no matter what. When the time came, He took on humanity for you and me! True humility makes us just like Him.

A Call To Humility

The Word of God has much to say about humility. In today’s passage the call to humility is also a call to unity. When we understand who we are in Christ, it makes us value others who are also in Him.

Knowing who you are changes you.

Knowing who you are in Christ, and what you have in Him gives you a blessed assurance. It helps to keep you humble and helps you to keep pressing on regardless of life’s circumstances. It changes not only your perspective, but your behavior as well.

God Provides Deliverance

For everything that God allows in the life of His children He has a purpose and a plan. Even in the times of hardship that we face we must remember that deliverance is promised. That was Paul’s message to the saints at Philippi and it’s his message to us today.

God Is Not Asleep

Have you ever taken a ride with someone who was tired and began to fall asleep at the wheel? That’s a frightening experience. The Psalmist writes in the 121st division of Psalms that God neither slumbers nor sleeps. Today’s message will encourage your heart no matter the circumstances of your life.

Hang Tight

Regarding the unity of God’s people someone has said, “If we don’t hang together the devil will hang us separately!” How true! Today’s teaching from Colossians chapter 2 is a call for unity. It’s a call for togetherness. It’s a call for the Body of Christ to “Hang tight.”

Who Am I?

Today we start a new study in the Book of Philippians. Paul is writing to Jewish believers who were adding unnecessary requirements to the gospel and were causing internal friction among the people. The question which we’ll find in today’s message is one that will resonate within the hearts of many today: Who am I? At a time when self-identity is so sought after, this teaching is tight, and it’s timely.

Don’t Let Anyone Cheat You Out Of God’s Grace

No one likes to get ripped off. Be it faulty merchandise, unfair business practices or unnecessary requirements placed on our lives. The latter was happening here at the end of Colossians chapter 2. God’s grace is a gift to all who will accept it. Don’t let anyone cheat you by making you do more than that.

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