We Need Spirit Filled Passion

We Need Spirit Filled Passion There are two questions we should each ask ourselves: What are we passionate about, and where does that passion come from? In today’s message from Acts chapter 5 Dr. Tony Hart examines the Holy Ghost passion we all need in today’s world.

The Example Of Ananias & Sapphira

God sees all and knows all. Even the motives of the heart are revealed to Him. Today’s teaching is a sober one- one that has a lesson for us all. It’s a familiar story, with eternal truths. Open your bibles to Acts chapter 5.

God Has A Plan For Your Finances

Whether you are considered rich or poor by the world’s standards, consider this: God really does have a plan for your finances. Want to know what it is? Dr. Tony Hart reveals the answer in today’s message from Acts chapter 4.

Being Bold For The Lord

Boldness comes from knowing whose side you’re on. That’s the message for today found in Acts chapter 4. Join us as Dr. Tony Hart continues his teaching from this exciting book.

What Makes The Gospel Seed Grow?

Today’s message is designed to “shake us up” and use us to spread the word of truth to a world in trouble. Open your Bibles to Acts chapter 4. Here’s Dr. Tony Hart.

Who Are You Looking At?

The title of today’s message says it all: “Who Are You Looking At?” Let’s keep our eyes on Christ. Here’s Dr. Tony Hart with today’s teaching from Acts chapter 3.

A Radical Church Impacts Its Community

A Radical Church Impacts Its Community We invite you to join us as Dr. Tony Hart continues his teaching through the book of Acts. In today’s message we see a group of radical disciples making a radical difference in the lives of others.

“Are You Ready?”

There is no doubt that God wants to bless His children- but often we ourselves are the only thing standing between us and His blessing. Yes, God wants to lavish His blessing upon you. The question is, “Are You Ready?” Let’s find out. From our archived messages, here’s Dr. B. Sam Hart.

What Does Pentecost Mean To You?

In Acts chapter two we have one of the most significant occurrences that the book has to offer: the Day of Pentecost. At the Last Supper the disciples witnessed the end of the Messiah’s earthly ministry and He asks them to remember Him after His death until He returns. At Pentecost, the disciples witness the birth of the New Testament church and the coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell all believers. In today’s teaching Dr. Tony Hart shares some much needed insight into this event and challenges us to consider what it means to us today.

Don’t Make Mistakes In Determining God’s Will

Don’t Make Mistakes In Determining God’s Will Finding God’s will is a serious matter, but there are some mistakes we need to avoid in our seeking. That’s Dr. Tony Hart’s message today from Acts chapter 1.

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