Faith That Acts

Everybody believes in something. The widespread practice of religion proves this. It is important what we believe in, and then how our faith acts. Putting our faith into action requires processes of waiting, weariness, walking, and of being well.

How to Find Help

We are all dependent creatures. Nobody is completely independent. All of us are dependent upon those around us, but sometimes even they cannot help us. When there seems to be no one to help you, where do you turn?

How to Know Christ Truly

How do you know Jesus? Do you believe Jesus is who He said He is? If you exercise faith in Him, He will reveal Himself to you.

How to Test What is Important

Every one of us has a set of values by which we judge events and experiences. We also use this set of values to judge the quality of an object: a piece of clothing or a purchase of food. How do you decide what is important in life? Jesus shows us what is truly important in John 4:27-38.

What is Worship

What is worship and what is the right way to worship? Who should we worship? The answers to these questions can be found in John 4:20-26.

How to Have Inner Peace

Do you have inner peace? Jesus offers us inner peace if we realize our situation is hopeless without Him, express our need of Him, and confess our sinful condition.

Experience at Jacob's Well

Jesus made Himself available to the needs of others. In a beautiful way, Jesus arranged an appointment with a woman of Samaria. He understood that she had a kind of thirst that needed the living water that He could give her.

The Essence of Truth

So much today has the label of truth but contains error. So, we must be able to tell the difference between truth and error. How can we be sure that we have found the truth? The answer can be found in John 3:31-36.

What is Really Important?

Are people important to you? Are your possessions or money important to you? Are these things what is really important? In John 3:22-30 we find what is truly important.

God Did All He Can

God has made each of us with the ability to choose. Often we make choices that get us into trouble. God, in His compassion, provided His only Son to take away our sin. Will you choose Him?

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