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"Then God Said" 4a-1

From Salt and Light …What does the "Emperor's New Cloths" have to do with evolution? How did the world …

A Monument of Praise in the Valley of Despair

From Wisdom for the Heart …hirty-nine seconds, Job lost his money, his possessions, his livestock, and even hi…

Allowing the Conviction of God

From The Word for Today Job's friends were unsuccessful in their attempts "help" Job. What happens next is…

An Introduction to the Books of Poetry

From The Word for Today …The third part of the Old Testament is known as the Poetic Books of the Bible. Heb…

Avoiding the Error of Eliphaz

From Wisdom for the Heart … at the advice that Job's closest friends gave him during his most difficult trial,…

Balance by Design

From Guidelines …What can we learn from bats?…


From Rendezvous ……

Calling the Kettle Black

From Wisdom for the Heart …r person, not harm them. Job's friend Bildad didn't get that. Not only did he offer…
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Encouraging Words


Grace Notes

Grace to You


ICM's Mini Bible College

John Phillips Ministries International

Message Series From Dr. David Platt

Power Walk Ministries

Reaching Your World

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Berni Dymet


Dr. Paul Cannings


Stephen Davey


Pastor Rodney Finch


John MacArthur


Luis Palau


Dr. John Phillips

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A Course for Life

By Grace to You

A Guided Tour of Your Body

By Truth in the Test Tube

God, Satan, and Angels

By Grace to You


By The Word for Today

Old Testament Survey

By ICM's Mini Bible College

Series 02 - Building and Maintaining Good Relationships

By Tools for Wise Leadership

Series 03 - Heart Qualities of Christian Leadership

By Tools for Wise Leadership

Strength for Today

By Power Walk Ministries

The Hush of Heaven

By Wisdom for the Heart

The Lord's Prayer

By Grace Notes
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