The Wonder of It All

What is the wonder and true meaning of Christ's coming?

The Gifts Of Christmas

What are the gifts that are offered to Jesus in true worship?

Living The Grace Life

What are the benefits of living the Christian life in God's grace?

Glorifying God And Giving Thanks

Are you a thankful person? Thanksgiving is expressed in a day-by-day life of faithfulness.

The Abundant Life of Thanksgiving

How can I experience contentment, joy, and peace? By being thankful to God in every situation.

God Keeps The Record

Do you know who is in control and is keeping accurate records?

The Greatest Need

Christ responds to the humble faith of a Roman Centurion.

Love Finds A Way

A picture of Christ's power to save is seen in the miracle of the healing of the crippled man.

The Secret Is Humility

The secret to Christ answering your prayers is when you come to Him in humility and faith.

Love Serves Others

What does true love do? It serves others, like Jesus did.

Watching For Our Lord

What does it mean to be ready for Christ’s return?

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