The Hearing Revival

When will God send revival? When we obey His will as revealed in His Word.

Is There Not A Cause?

What does it take for you to accomplish God's purpose in your life and fully follow His will?

A New Life That Flows

The fullness of God's Spirit to the believer is a gift, flowing in a new direction.

Keeping the Heart Right

Why must every Christian take their service to Jesus Christ seriously?

Marriage: The Divine Portrait

What is the purpose of Christian marriage? To proclaim Christ and His love.

No Place Like Home

What is the blueprint for building a home? The Bible!

Do you Want to Receive More From God?

How satisfied are you with what you have received from God? How can we receive more from God? Pastor Nate shares how in this sermon from Landmark Church in Cary NC.

The Inheritance of Fathers

What is the lasting inheritance that a father can leave his children?

No Place like home

How can I build a blessed and happy home?

Why We Need Gods Word

How can I stand against temptation and prevent sexual impurity? By letting God's Word fortify your heart.

The Successful Marriage

What steps lead to a blessed Christian marriage?

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