Is Jesus Really God

Was Jesus just a good man, a respected teacher? Was he a lunatic? Or was he something far more? In this message, Pastor Bertsche lays out the case for Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Three reasons to believe Jesus is God: the clear teaching about Jesus in the Bible, the changed lives of Jesus’ followers, and the character and ministry of Jesus.

Is Christianity Too Narrow

What makes Christianity unique? Can it really claim to be the only way to God? In this sermon, we learn about three distinctive traits of Christianity in our pluralistic world: its strangeness, its inclusiveness, and its exclusiveness.

Why Does God Allow Pain And Suffering

Why does God allow pain and suffering? In this sermon, we learn the reasons God allows suffering, the rewards He gives for those that endure, and the response we should have during difficult times.

Is There A God

Is there evidence outside of the Bible that help us answer the question of the existence of God? Has science disproven God? The evidence supports a finely tuned intelligent design behind the universe that was geared towards life on our planet. Not only does this support the existence of God, but it also tells us that God cares about His creation.

The Path To Purpose

What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? Everyone wrestles with these questions. In this passage, we hear from King Solomon, a revered man of wisdom. He cautions us to avoid the vanities of this world and to focus our pursuit of purpose on things of eternal significance.

Keep It Simple

At the start of a new year, don’t get overwhelmed by all the possibilities for resolutions. This passage encourages us to keep it simple. As Christians, we have one goal: to love God and love others.

Learning To Lean

As we wrap up 2018 and begin a new year, it’s prudent to remind ourselves of the Biblical basics for ordering our plans in the new year. In this passage, we are provided with three steps to enable us to be wise. When we hold to these truths, God promises to guide us.

The Prince Of Peace

Where do we find lasting peace? Does it even exist? People can spend a lifetime searching for peace in all of the wrong places. As we reflect on the final advent candle of the season, Christmas reminds us that there is ultimately no lasting peace apart from Jesus. Only in Jesus do we find peace that surpasses all understanding.

Joy To The World

Why do we tell the story of advent every year? In this passage in Luke, we learn that the meaning of Jesus’ arrival as a baby signals the beginning of a new age, where the good news of the gospel overcomes all fear, fulfills all promises, and saves all peoples. As the angels proclaimed, it’s truly good news of joy to the world.

The Hope Of The World

Where does our hope come from? On this Sunday of Advent, we learn about the hope of world foretold in Isaiah 40, a great comforter, the glory of God revealed. As Christians, our hope is forever tied to the revelation of God’s glory through His son, Jesus. With God’s help, let’s live in that hope, and share it joyfully with others.

How To Protect The Church

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