The Lord Reigns

The key to life is knowing the One who is on the throne. Go to God's throne of grace and have a moment with God. Move lies out of the way and let His gladness fill your soul.

Anticipating Victories

1 Remember God's mighty deeds during your difficult days. 2 Remember that God judges with fairness, authority, and clarity. 3 Remember that God exalts in timely and unstoppable ways.

My Dwelling Place

God gives wisdom with our priorities and purpose. God gives love that fuels comebacks and joy. God gives favor that includes strength and impact.

A Heart for God and His Word

Many of us understand what God has called us to do, but we struggle with understanding how to fulfill the life He desires of us. Psalm 119 is a lifetime of praise and reflection on the Words of God being the anchor and source of living out the blessed life. All 176 verses point to Scripture being the foundational piece in a life centered on Christ and the commands of God. Saturating our lives on the Word of God helps our heart be refreshed and in tune with the Holy Spirit.


Be intentional with the vibrant rhythms of your spiritual life. Remember and celebrate with other people the great works of the Lord. Cultivate a deep foundation and a bold declaration at every age and stage of life.

When People are Against You

People will be against you because of your calling, gifting, anointing, and pursuit of God. Call on the One who saves, rebukes, loves, and fulfills His purposes. Be secure because God has the final say with justice.

When You Feel Really Low

1 Pour out your soul to God. 2 Receive God's immense love daily. 3 Put you hope in God, your Rock.

Enter In

1 Enter into worship, God's unfailing love, God's word, reverence, and God's purpose. 2 Move from concept to opportunity to experiences with God. 3 The nation that has a hard heart towards God and stops entering in will go down. 4 You can enter in before you have what you want.

God's Forgiveness and Restoration

Why confession? 1 A blessing blocker 2 A deep deliverance 3 A triumphant trust

Life with the LORD As Shepherd

• Encourage the fathers on Father’s Day through David’s Psalm • Having tasted all the good and evil of life, David confesses, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want” (Ps. 23:1). • This means that one who has the Lord as his/her shepherd will live the best life he/she can ever live. • How does God do that? • God provides restoration (vv. 2-3). • God provides protection (vv. 4-5). • David emphatically declares God’s goodness and his commitment to live in God.

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