Setbacks and Comebacks

Have you ever had a difficult employer or supervisor? How do you thrive in the marketplace and handle temptations? Are you navigating through tricky government policies? God gives hope and wisdom There are principles and power that can help you in the most challenging situations. Faith is developed in these situations, and you have many good options.

Multigenerational Relationships

Do you have close relationships with people from other generations? How do people who are much younger or older than you teach you about life? How is god glorified through unity? In a healthy community, the older ones live in a way that is worthy of respect. The younger ones live with a humble teachability and collaboration happens as generations inspire each other. We need to put aside preferences and opinions in order to value the greater community.

Conversations That Lead To Growth

When is it the right time to rebuke someone? How do you know which relationship risks to take? How honest are you with people when they hurt you? We all have Blindspots. We need each other to speak into our lives. It takes courage to confront someone when they are doing the wrong thing. True love brings out the best in everyone, including having the difficult conversations.

What Role Has God Given You?

What are the elements of God’s mission for you? How would you describe your assignment in this season? Are you surrendering your time, priorities, and talents to the Lord? God gives you: 1) A stretching assignment that fits your gifts. 2) People to train and empower 3) Character that is more important than your position 4) A specific church to strengthen

Bring Someone with You

Why are people in our culture so isolated and lonely? Why is prayer rare? Why are so many people living in despair? There is a better way to live with a greater love, unity, and collaboration. We need to break some cultural patterns. Relationships are a risk, and we need to take more risks.

Guard Your Integrity

How many people compromise their integrity on a path towards apparent success and satisfaction? Have you identified the negative influences that exist in your personal world? How can you overcoming a culture that is often heading in the wrong direction? Staying grounded in God’s love and truth is a daily decision. The health of the root determines the abundance of the fruit. Spiritual growth happens when we walked down the road of integrity.

Inside Your Home

What are some words you would use to describe the environment at your home? What changes do you desire under your own roof? How can homes be places where there is spiritual life and vibrancy? Your home has incredible potential for healthy relationships and building new friendships. It is probably the most important and intimate place where you spend time during the week. You can be intentional to take positive steps to make it place were you deeply connect with God and other people.

Learning When to Say No

What is undermining or distracting you? What is a healthy limit you can set? What protects love and spreads the gospel? There are times when boundaries are helpful and necessary. Love with discernment. Caring for people does not mean enabling people. Invest your resources and support in causes that change lives.

How Can I Serve You?

How Can I Serve You? This is a powerful question at the heart of every relationship. Because Jesus serves us, we can break free from selfishness and pride and be empowered to serve other people. Three Roles in serving: 1) the bridge: seeing potential and connecting 2) the welcomer: forgiving and making room for grace 3) the receiver: growing and finding a new faithfulness How can you make a difference in someone’s life today?

Managing Hard Times

Contrary to popular belief in some Christian circles, life can be pretty harsh to us. This sermon will attempt to give us tools to manage life when it is not working the way we think it should and is even downright harmful.

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