Unite with Trust

Trust is built through consistency and reliability. Trust brings freedom from controlling, stressing, and despairing. Relationships are only as healthy as the level of trust.

Unite with Forgiveness

Unite with Authentegrity

Unite with Humility

Pride divides families Being teachable accelerates your faith and development. Humility is the lens through which people see Jesus in you.

Unite with Holiness

Imitate the holiness and unity of the Trinity. Find friends who raise your commitment level to God. Holiness is the overlooked unity factor.

The Telescope

Intentionally cultivate habits so that you will receive and give hope daily for a lifetime as you become like Jesus. Let your vision and forward thinking be filled with biblical Christianity, not cultural Christianity. Jesus prays that we will have complete unity and wants us together to lead our cities to our Savior and His infinite hope.

The Oar

The Compass

Let the word of God and the Spirit of God dwell in your heart. Read the Bible in your home. Be devoted to God's word as a church family. Scripture transforms your city with hope. God's Word and Spirit lead a revival in your country.

The Two Jars

Hope is a good choice at every crossroad of life. One degree off can land you at the wrong destination. There are hope thieves that are stealing your hope.

The Treasure Chest

Hope Gifts: The Treasure Chest God wants to fill our hearts, homes, churches, and cities with His presence and hope. There are blockers which are restricting the amount of hope you are receiving. The more you receive from God, the more you will overflow with hope.

For The Next Generation

For The Next Generation

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