Jesus Is Your Source

Who is Jesus? Why is Jesus's invitation good? What does reliance look like?

David - Your New Song

Let the grace of God travel deeper in your soul, until it saturates your pain, disappointments, relationships, and dreams.

Josiah - Repairing Your Soul

Conviction precedes transformation; it is pain first and pleasure later. God's word is the missing ingredient and nourishment you need.

Caleb - Stepping Into Your Potential

Two great prayer requests every day are discernment and courage.

Jacob - Wrestling With God

God's faithfulness is constant, but our faithfulness develops through a process of refinement.

Barnabas - Bringing Encouragement

Cultivate a consistency in being filled with the Holy Spirit that becomes evident in your daily interactions. 

Joanna - An Overflowing Gratitude

Joanna - An Overflowing Gratitude

Abigail - Timely Influence

The ability to make solid relational decisions increases when you are aware of God's Word an dpromptings' you will help people worship and appreciate God!

Philip - Faithful Even in the Hard Times

How does God work in the middle of all the discouraging news and realities of our world today?

Joseph - Bombarded with Temptation

Cultivate overlooked habits: distancing from trouble, verbalizing truths, and running from evil desires.

Shunammite Woman - An Attitude of Inviting

God is glorified and dreams are fulfilled when invitations including hospitality and opportunities to serve are fully received. 

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