Brain Function - Dr Arlene Taylor

“Many people fly through life by the seat of their pants in a rather hit-'n-miss style. When their efforts result in a miss, they may have difficulty figuring out how to prevent similar misses in the future. When their efforts are a hit, they may not know how to replicate those hits on a consistent basis. There is a better way.” Arlene Taylor, known to many as “The Brain Guru” teaches people to live “by design.” (

Serious About Love - Dr Kay Kuzma

Love; that crazy, insane, irrational, wonderful, confusing, and often temporary emotion that strikes without warning and is very hard to ignore. How we handle love—or what we think is love—can impact our health and well-being like nothing else on earth. It can be life changing, or sometimes, life destroying. Counselor, educator, and author Dr, Kay Kuzma offers 30 years of practical insights into building and maintaining meaningful relationships.

The Wonder Years - Dr Rose Gamblin

Growing up has never been easy—especially when it comes to staying healthy. It seems that every generation faces new and often mind-numbing obstacles to making it through the Wonder Years in one piece. Teacher, educational consultant, and author Dr. Rose Gamblin explores the special needs of growing minds.

Chest Pain - Dr James Marcum

There’s a lot going on behind our breastbone. Many important organs and muscles live there, allowing us to breath, circulate blood, and basically live. So, when that region of our bodies starts to hurt, we need to pay attention. Cardiologist and Heartwise Ministries founder/director Dr. James Marcum talks about chest pain.

Code Food - Maggie Neola

You check into a hospital for treatment of whatever ails you and you totally expect that healing essentials will be applied to your body. However, in many cases, the opposite is true—at least three times a day. Registered dietician Maggie Neola explains. (

Going Natural - Dr Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger has made a life work out of finding the truth hidden within the hype and hope generated by marketing experts. He delivers his finding on his Web site His latest book, “How Not to Die,” has become a best-seller. On this program he shares insights and solutions. (

Young Minds - Dr Rose Gamblin

Children face many dangers when it comes to their health. Bad food, bad habits, and bad environment is always a concern. But are there also modern dangers when it comes to their education? Educator and counselor Dr. Rose Gamblin identifies some of the challenges and how best to address them.

Oh the Pain - Dr James Marcum

Remember the 1960s television series “Lost in Space?” One of the characters, Doctor Zackary Smith, when confronted with a challenge or great disappoint, would mutter under his breath, “Oh the pain. The pain!” Apparently, a lot of people are muttering those words these days because the market for pain medication is huge. People are in pain and most have no idea why. Dr. James Marcum offers suggestions and solutions.

Real Care - Karen Smith

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine has opened the doors of a new facility in Washington D.C. that practices what the organization preaches. Registered dietician Karen Smith reveals the medicinal power of plants to treat and heal a wide range of diseases. (

Plant Pure - Nelson Campbell

Director of the movie “Plant Pure Nation” Nelson Campbell discusses how the release is changing lives and altering whole communities, thanks to grassroots movements designed to optimize health. (

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