Worship Involves Wonder

What is the believer's response to all that God is, says, and does?

The Safest Place on Earth to Live

Where is the safest place on earth for the believer to live?

Christ The Beginning and the Ending

In Whom is the God of the Bible revealed?

From Darkness to Light

Gratitude is the overflowing response of one who has experienced the grace and goodness of the Lord.

Transformed By The Word

What is the instrument the Spirit uses to transform us in worship?

The Healer for the Hopeless and Helpless

Who successfully delivers you from impending danger?

Conformer or Transformer

Where does all Christian worship have its source?

Through Sickness To Service

Your service to Jesus follows the personal ministry of Jesus.

Conformer or Transformer

How is true worship realized?

Strength to the Powerless

How are we called into the place of service?

Willingly Offering To Our Lord

What is grace giving?

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