The Great Divide

Justification has nothing to do with what we do . . . it has everything to do with what Christ has done. Until we understand the gravity of Romans 3:23, we will constantly deceive ourselves into thinking there is something we can accomplish for our salvation. So let's join Stephen now as he grounds us again in that foundation Gospel truth.

But … Now!

Paul tells us in Romans 3 that we were lost, helpless and hopeless apart from Christ, but now, through Christ, we have been found! No wonder they call the Gospel the "Good News!" Let's join Stephen again in this study to discover anew just how amazing God's grace really is.

Beyond Puppy Love

Puppy love manifests itself in Valentine's Day cards, friendship rings, and nice dinners. Mature love manifests itself in 12-hour work days, hospital rooms, and nursing homes. One lasts for a moment; the other lasts for a lifetime.

Capturing Love's Attention

What is it that captivates your interest? What is it that captures your emotions? According to the apostle Paul, the answer to this question will reveal whether or not you really love God.

Keeping Erasers Handy

When asked by His disciples how often they should forgive others, Christ answered, "seventy times seven." In this message Stephen shows us why living by this divine equation can save a broken marriage, a struggling church, and--more importantly--a dying world.

Uncommonly Rare, Undeniably Real

Uncommon courtesy; uncommon concern; uncommon control; these are all aspects of the most uncommon thing in the whole world: true love. Unlike other valuable possessions, true love is never hidden away in a safe or a lock-box or a vault. Instead it is constantly spending itself on others. Join Stephen in this message as he shows us why.

Refusing to be Pig-Headed

Paul has already described what true love is and now it is time for him to describe what true love isn't. In a word, true love is not 'pig-headed' . . . only people are.

Surprised by the Appearance of Love

Paul has been roaming around the city with a divine camera, secretly taking snapshots of 'true love' in action. Are there any pictures of you in his scrapbook?

Seven Minus One Equals Zero

What do you get when you subtract 1 from 7? 6 right? Well, not always. This simple equation may work in arithmetic but not in Christianity. God says that if you take good attributes such as faith, hope, prophecy, spiritual discernment, worship, mercy, and service, and subtract love from them, you end up with nothing. This is the divine equation and it always comes out the same: anything minus love equals zero.

Will True Love Please Stand Up?

Lyrics from a popular '60s song read, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love; it's the only thing that there's just too little of." To those who listen to the melody, this might be just a pretty love song. But to those who listen to the words, this is a cry of desperation. Join Stephen in this message as he shows us why there is so little love in the world today.

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