Faithfully Alert When Society is Falling Apart

Isis? Terrorism? Rumored climate changes? Immoral legislation from Washington? Don't be fooled into thinking God doesn't care. He is still sovereign, and He has a purpose for it all.

Farewell to the Foundations

The moral fabric of society may be unravelling all around us, but truth isn't.

The Heart of the Matter

It is possible to be sincere in your beliefs and practices and still be sincerely wrong.

The Latest Fashion in Fig Leaves

Ever since the Garden of Eden men and women have been trying to cover up their sin rather than come clean before God. What fig leaves are you hiding behind?

Ruining the Reputation of God

The moral man who thinks he is good enough to earn God's favor is not only minimizing God's holy standard, he is nullifying the work Christ did on the cross. If you can attain your own righteousness, why was Jesus slaughtered?


The religion of most self-proclaimed "Christians" in America is not Christianity, it's Churchianity. And while the differences between the two are often subtle, they hold eternal consequences.

The Business of Whitewashing

The only way to be clean before God . . . is to come clean.

No Excuse…No Escape

What will God do to those who have never heard the Gospel? Will He judge them in the same way he judges atheists? We will all stand before the Perfect Judge and anyone not in Christ faces a Christ-less eternity.

The Rumbling of Vesuvius

God's wrath, like Mount Vesuvius, is rumbling. But you don't have to feel the weight of it. Jesus bore the wrath of God for you. Will you believe in him today and be saved?

Question and Answer Program No. 82

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phones in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program.

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