Amy Carmichael

A good missionary convicts the world; a great missionary convicts the Church as well.

David and Svea Flood

Of all the amazing biographies Stephen brings us in his "Legacies of Light" series, perhaps none will pull on your heartstrings like this amazing testimony of faith. It's a story of a woman's endurance, a man's despair, and a Savior's incredible mercy.

The Making of a Pearl

Just when we expect an elderly Nehemiah to walk away from trouble and reach for the rocking chair, he thrusts himself right back into ministry. Those who think we should retire from God's work at a certain age should read Nehemiah 13 and think again!

Delcaration of Dependence

Revival is like remodeling your kitchen. It takes longer than you planned, makes a bigger mess than you thought possible, and costs more than you hoped! But as Stephen reminds us in this message, the outcome is always worth the effort.

True Confession

Revival is the natural result of an encounter with God. Whenever God's Word exposes us for who we truly are and we respond by confessing our sins to Him, that is when our hearts find restoration. As Stephen will remind us today, repentance is the road to revolution . . . and there is no alternate route.

Lord, Send a Re-Bible

The Church has lost her moral courage to communicate the message of Jesus. Believers today are just as materialistic and promiscuous as unbelievers. At the moment when our generation is desperately asking life's most important questions, Christians aren't standing up to give the answer. We, like the people in Nehemiah's day, need a revival. Join Stephen now to find out how to start one.

Roll the Credits

Every believer is a gate-keeper, and gates are only as good as the character of the guards. In this message Stephen warns us to guard carefully what we allow through the gates of our life knowing that what we take in through our minds will ultimately effect our souls.

Psst . . . Have You Heard?

The Devil is a whisperer, a schemer, and a blasphemer. Remember what happened in the Garden of Eden? He merely posed a question to Eve; that's all. He placed a shadow of doubt in her mind and it was enough to lure her into disobedience. What is Satan whispering into your ear today? Is it working?

Me, Myself & I

The greatest opponent of the church is often the church. The thing that keeps the church from reaching the world is the world inside the church. We might sing songs to God on Sunday mornings but our theme song every other day of the week is often "Me, myself and I." How do we change that? Nehemiah chapter 5 gives us some clues.

Question and Answer Program No. 67

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. Also, due to weather this time, which prevented our studio recording from taking place, this program is a repeat of QA20, which aired in June of 2016.

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