Desert Lab 101

Maybe you find yourself in a spiritual desert of guilt and unhappiness, failure and weakness, with seemingly no relief in sight. Have you ever considered that God might have brought you there for a reason? God took Moses into the wilderness for 40 years before using him to rescue the Jewish people from Egypt. How long are you willing to stay there?

Forty Years Ahead of God

It's only natural for us to want what we want, when we want it. But part of submitting to God's authority in our lives means giving up control of our Day Timers! When Moses took matters into his own hands it brought about disastrous results. He was forty years ahead of God! Who's timetable are you working on?

Faith...And a Wicker Basket

Moses was the most important figure in Jewish history. Not only did God use him to deliver the Jews from Egypt, but God used Moses as a mediator between Him and His people. But before Moses was talking to burning bushes and delivering stone tablets, he was a helpless baby in a floating crib. His mother's faith and courage saved his life.

From Pasture to Brickyard

If someone we were to ask you what books of the Bible you have read recently, I bet Exodus wouldn't make the list. It's difficult to understand, right? It's a little slow at times. But in this message Stephen helps us understand the book in an entirely new light. Your view of Exodus will never be the same again.

A House of Cards

One of the remarkable things about the nature of God is an attribute that we call "immutability." That word basically means God never changes. What God says never becomes antiquated or out of date. He says what He means and He does what He says. Depending on where you stand with Him will determine whether or not this is an encouraging message or a frightening message for you.

A Widow and a Would-be King

When life deals us a painful blow, we're often tempted to strike back, aren't we? It goes against our nature to weather the storms of life silently. But that's exactly what God wants us to do sometimes. Obedience is learned through patience, and patience is only born through trials.

The Sound of Silence

Suppose you discovered a fountain of youth and it had the power to make you youthful and beautiful forever! What would you do? Would you give the water to your friends? Would you share it with the needy and sick? Or would you hide it and keep its power only for yourself? The Gospel is a fountain of living water . . . are we sharing it with others?

Of Axes & Angels

Do you think your problems are too small to be noticed by a God who rules over the vast affairs of nations? Do you think your concerns are flying under God's radar? Well this message will cause you to think again!

Catching Golden Apples

Greed dominates our world today. From the advertisements of Madison Avenue to the profit-grabbing of Wall Street, the love of money is all around us. But greed isn't new. it's an epidemic as old as humanity itself. There is a cure, however . . . if you're willing to accept it.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The diagnosis for sin is not good. It's terminal. But there is a cure. In this message, an Old Testament leper receives it once and for all. Will you?

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