The Ten Commandments and the 21st Century

What is the role of the 10 Commandments in the Church Age? Are we still supposed to abide by them? Haven't they become a little outdated due to advances in technology and shifts in culture? Stephen answers those questions and more in this message.

The Sinai Summit

Moses experienced something that few other men in history have ever experienced: he saw God in person. What must that encounter have been like? In this message Stephen discusses what Moses learned on that Sinai Summit and and what we can learn from it as well.

Meekness…Synonym for Moses

Meekness is not weakness. It is strength under control. And it also an attribute that God regards very highly. So let's join Stephen in this message as shows us how to be more like Moses and less like the rest of Israel.


What do you do when you get burned out spiritually? It happens to all of us, doesn't it? Moses was one of the greatest leaders the world has seen but even he experienced an emotional breakdown. We can't be immune to it, but we can be ready for it. So let's join Stephen in this message as he tells us how.

Grumbling at God

Moses is stuck in the wildnerness with thousands of grumbling people. Every time things go wrong he hears something like, "Hey Moses... you should have left us in Egypt! Thanks for nothing!" The Israelites were incredibly ungrateful people, but in this message Stephen shows us why we are just like them.

On the Bank of the Deep Red Sea

Israel is trapped between Pharaoh's army and the Red Sea. They are terrified. Had God brought them out here just to kill them? They think they are on the brink of death, but really they are on the brink of deliverance. This will prove Israel's most defining moment in history, so let's join Stephen in this message to witness it together.

Life or Death…At Midnight

Foreshadowing is the literary term for something that happens in a story which points to something that will happen in the future. Exodus 11-12 is an incredible example of this. The Passover points to Jesus' death like few other stories in the Old Testament, so let's join Stephen as he tells us why.

The Battle Between the Gods

Exodus 7-10 provides the famous story of the showdown between Moses and the Egyptian magicians. At first, every miracle Moses performs is reproduced by the demonic-inspired Egyptians. But not long into this face-off we are faced with the reality that this is no contest at all. God is merely toying with these magicians to teach the Jews and the Egyptians that there is only one God in Egypt . . . and it isn't Pharaoh.

God's Best…When Things Couldn't be Worse

Where would we be without trials? Trials bring us closer to the Savior. They make us rely on Him for strength and wisdom and security. If life was always a walk in the park . . . it wouldn't be a walk of faith.

Availability…And a Game of Chess

How did God change Moses from a reluctant, selfish runaway into one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen? Exodus 3:4-17 tells us.

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