Like Father Like Son

If there is one thing to be learned from the life of this patriarch Abraham, it is that faith in God requires more than simple obedience; it requires complete surrender. God sometimes asks us to let go of the one thing we hold most dear. In Abraham's case it was his son, Isaac. But as Abraham loosens his grip on his own possessions and tightens his grip on God's promises, he will teach us all a lesson about the type of faith that pleases God.

Abraham and Islam

Have you ever wondered how a religion so opposed to Christianity can have so much in common with it? Why do Muslims call Abraham their father even when they don't believe in the God of Abraham? In the message Stephen unveils the cunning and deceptive secrets which undergird the fastest growing religion in the world.

The Hopeless Case

Abraham was the father of many nations. He inherited the promise of God that through his seed all nations would be blessed. He was chosen directly by God to father a holy priesthood of people. But Abraham was also a hopeless case. He was old, and his wife was long past child-bearing years. There was no way, humanly speaking, he could father a son. But amidst the seemingly impossible situation, he never took his mind off the fact that when God makes a promise . . . He keeps it.


Why is Abraham called the Father of many nations? Who was Abraham anyway? What did God find so special about him? In this message, Stephen reminds why Abraham's story -- like your story -- is a story of grace.

Ruling Out the Law

Have you ever walked up to a stranger and asked, "If you were to die tonight, would God let you into Heaven?" If so, I bet that person responded with something like, "Well I'm a good person; I've never murdered anyone or committed adultery or robbed a bank." Many people today believe the misconception that being "good enough" will get them into heaven. But in Romans 4:13-16, Paul silences that misconception in an emphatic way. As he points to his religious Jewish audience, full of people who believed that the Law of Moses would grant them entrance into Heaven, he reminds them (and us) that the standard for eternal life is not moral goodness . . . it's perfection.

The Sign and Seal of Faith

What was the point of circumcision in the Old Testament? Many Jews believed it was a sign of salvation and that without it you couldn't have a relationship with God. Were they right? Stephen answers that question and many more in this message.

Forgiven . . . Forgotten

Have you considered recently the amazing truth that even though God knows everything about you, He still loves you? No matter how many times you fail Him, He never fails you. No matter how many times you prove that you deserve hell, He offers you Heaven. These are just a few of the profound truths that Paul reveals to us in Romans chapter 4.

The Cover-Up

Churches all across America have problems--that's obvious. Some fail to reach out to their community; some are more committed to constructing buildings than building disciples; some have little passion in worship. But these are only symptoms of a greater problem: Christians are not only ignorant of what the Bible says, they are indifferent to what it means. In this message Stephen reminds us why a proper understanding of God's Word is not a trivial matter . . . it is sometimes a matter of life and death.

Father Abraham

What's the big deal about Abraham? Why do Christians and Jews and Muslims alike fight to call him their "father"? What is his theological and historical importance? Paul gives us the answer in Romans 4.

Ordinary Saints

What makes a person a saint? What earns someone such a significant title? Contrary to popular opinion, sainthood is not an award for the elite and pious; it is a gift to every child of God.

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