Counterfeit, Part 1

Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, but Satan is just a copycat. He isn't original. So we shouldn't be surprised to see him make a counterfeit god, a counterfeit gospel, and a counterfeit messiah.

The Last Caesar

In this message Stephen takes us into a riveting investigation of the man who, though never having set foot on the world stage, is already the most infamous man in history: the Antichrist.

The Great Escape

Is the woman in Revelation 12 representing a literal person or something figurative? What does John mean when he says "the ear opened its mouth" to save her? Learn more about these vivid and confusing prophecies.

Another Fall From Heaven

Satan--like the devious con artist he is--has pulled off hundreds of counterfeit miracles in history and managed to dupe some people into thinking he is God. The devil is saving his best con for last. What is it?

Question and Answer Program No. 84

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. Due to production demands, this program is a repeat of QA32 which aired in July 2017.

The Relentless Red Dragon

Who is the Red Dragon of Revelation 12? What does he represent? Find out.

Abandoned at the Gate

David's suffering in Psalm 69 is only a microcosm of the suffering Christ will later face during His Passion Week. Stephen shows us why these precious words are also prophetic.

Singing About the Messiah

The Old Testament isn't merely about talking snakes, falling hailstones, and giant sea serpents. It's about the person and work of Christ. Before the crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus was the center of Biblical history.

The First Thanksgiving Hymn

As long as Thanksgiving is only an annual celebration in your home rather than a daily practice, you won't learn the secret of contentment.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

God hasn't promised to rescue you out of your trials, but He has promised to carry you through them.

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