Winning the Second Generation

The Old Testament book of Judges is a story of a nation gone mad with sin and rebellion. One generation would serve God, but then the ones that immediately followed turned far from Him. What went wrong? Why didn't the children follow the religion of their parents? Find out now as Stephen begins his study of Israel's judges.

One Nation Under Greed

If God really is sovereign and He has promised to meet all our needs, then why do we covet? In this message Stephen reminds us that contentment will be found when we stop asking for more from God and start asking for more of God.

Cosmetics for the Tongue

Our tongue has more influence on people than our income, our figure, our face, our wardrobe, our car, and our home combined. Our tongues can mend a marriage or tear it apart. Our tongues can heal a church or destroy it. So how beautiful is your tongue? Find out now as Stephen continues his series, "Down from Sinai."

A Thief in the Light

Stealing is wrong. We know that because it's one of the Ten Commandments. But why is it wrong? What harm does it really do? Why does God hate it so much? That's what we really need to find out.

Caging the Beast Within

We are constantly bombarded with images of sexual promiscuity in our modern culture and they come under the title, "sexual expression." But the Bible is clear that sexual sin carries a high price. "Flee youthful lusts," it says . . . and that literally means, "Run for your life!"

The Industry of Death

The church has sent mixed messages to the world about the issue of abortion. 'Choice' is the buzzword of the day. Stephen indicates that the One who holds that choice should be none other than a sovereign Lord.

A Parent's Bill of Rights

What does God mean when He tells us to honor our fathers and mothers? Is this just a rule for kids or is it for adults as well? In this message Stephen explains the 5th commandment and shows us how to obey it practically.

Sunday…Holy Day or Holiday?

One of the most difficult laws to understand is the one about the Sabbath. God says to "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy." But what does He mean, "keep it holy?" Does that law even apply to us today since we meet on Sunday rather than Saturday? In this message Stephen answers those questions for us.

Posting Guards…Seasoning Words

What does it mean to take the Lord's Name in vain? Is it simply using His name as an expletive or is there a lot more to it? In this message Stephen reveals what the 2nd commandment is really all about . . . and it isn't what you think!

No Props, Please!

God takes worship seriously. So if we find ourselves coming before Him frivolously and apathetically, we should take a look back at Exodus 20 and be reminded of how frightening His holiness is. Just because we can now come boldly before Him through the Grace of His Son doesn't mean we should come comfortably.

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