Psalm 8 Part 1

Did you know there is a chapter in the Bible that sits on the surface of the moon? It was carried there by the Apollo 11 astronauts but what is this chapter, why was it carried there and what is its significance for you and me?

Psalm 7

David believed in God’s worldwide sovereignty. He was not just king over Israel. He was king over the world and David envisioned a time when all nations of the world will assemble before God the King.

Psalm 6

The God who disciplined David is the same loving Father who disciplines us for our good.

Psalm 5 Part 2

The grace of God, the complete forgiveness and acceptance by God did not lead David back into sin. Instead, it made David pursue God more.

Psalm 5 Part 1

The Bible uses strong words to describe God’s attitude toward evil – The Lord hates, the Lord abhors, the Lord detests, the Lord destroys. They are not words we are accustomed to hearing today, but some people give themselves over so fully to evil that they become the objects of God’s wrath. Let’s learn more about this today.

Psalm 4

When you find yourself in tight spots, temptation to do the wrong thing will be greater. Today I will share with you what you must do when you find yourself in difficult situations.

Psalm 3 Part 2

Could you use a good night’s sleep? I bet some of you listening today have trouble sleeping because of worry or fear. What’s the solution? – meditate on the truth of God. Stop meditating on the lies.

Psalm 3 Part 1

Don’t let the lies of the world, the lies of others, the lies of the evil one and sometimes the lies we tell ourselves, drive a wedge between you and God.

Psalm 2 Part 3

Jesus has come to claim all the nations for God. Jesus has come to quiet the rebellion of the earth, to subdue the nations of the world and to reinstate the reign of God. Today we are going to discover how he does this and how you and I get to be part of it.

Psalm 2 Part 2

What makes God laugh? Did you know that God laughs? Three times in Psalms it says this. Today, we are going to learn one surprising reason why he laughs and learn how this can bring great comfort to our soul.

Psalm 2 Part 1

You would not heed the counsel of a wicked person, would you? Of course not, but wait until youhear the story of what happened in a Christian school in our country!

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