Small Beginnings - Big Results

Are you experiencing conflict in your life? Perhaps with your spouse or children. Maybe it is with other church members or someone at work. How do you want them to be toward you? How do you want them to act? What kind of attitude do you want them to have? Whatever it is, you must model it.

Great Words From a Great Letter

Today, you will hear some of the richest words in the New Testament, words of the humility of Jesus Christ and words of his exaltation as the true Lord of heaven and earth.

The Great Reversal

Something started to shake. It was a low rumbling at first, then a great loud noise. The walls of the building began to move and the doors of the prison cells were broken off their hinges.

A Tale of Two Women

One a gracious, Jewish woman, the other was a Gentile slave-girl possessed with the spirit of the demon-god Python. You could not have a greater difference between the two and yet God used both to open the doors of Europe for the Gospel of Christ. Listen today and find out how he did it.

God's No Leads to a Greater Yes

Going into new areas with the Gospel. This was uppermost in Paul’s mind. But on this day God did the unexpected. On this day, God told Paul, “No, don’t go there to preach.” Listen, today, and you’ll find out why God said “no.:

The Mystery of Mary Magdalene Part 3

The Mystery of Mary Magdalene Part 2

The Mystery of Mary Magdalene Part 1

The Case for Christ

The case for faith is indeed strong. The evidence is overwhelming in favor of the existence of God, of the reliability of the Bible, and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let’s learn some final lessons on this today.

The Power of Faith 2

If you need to investigate the claims of Christ, investigate. That is a good thing. But you must realize that at some point you will need to make a choice for or against him.

The Power of Faith 1

Without God, there is no basis for morality and justice among people. Without God, we are left only with preferences and there is no right or wrong.

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