Resurrection Vision

God raised Jesus from the dead and vindicated Him. Resurrection vision sees that the path He took and the way He lived was the correct path. Thus, while the word of the cross is weakness to many, it is, in reality, power.

Resurrection Vision

In Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. In other words, we see what a human really is. We see someone who perfectly reflects the image of God. We see love in all its purity. We see compassion in all its mercy. We see justice and righteousness for the hurting and poor, and we see commitment to God’s glory.

Resurrection Vision

It is not just that a great prophet died. Jesus was the one many believed to be the promised Messiah. Yet they murdered him! Was there no end to the injustices and the suffering of the world? But He died, and God remained silent. Until the third day!

Resurrection Vision

As much as I love the Christmas season with all the carols and lights and family time and exchanging of gifts, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and His victory over sin and death is our greatest season and our greatest reason to rejoice.

Six Ways to Live as a New Man 3

Christ has called us into a new community where we worship God equally. And as members of one another we are to live our faith in a way that marks us off from the world of darkness and paganism.

Six Ways to Live as a New Man 2

Let me ask you a question today – what is at the center of your life? Is Jesus Christ at the center? If he is not, then you are placing something from the created world at the center of your life.

Six Ways to Live as a New Man 1

We have three solid underpinnings for the Christian life – and the third one is – doing it all in community. We cannot live this life alone.

The Old and the New

Christ is renewing us so that we will let go of the practices of darkness. God has delivered us from our solidarity with the old man, Adam and brought us into solidarity with the new man, Jesus Christ, and he tells us that the Holy Spirit is renewing us at the very deepest core of our identity.

Christ and Christ Alone

Christ is the substance of our message. Christ is the speaker of the message. Christ is the beginning and the end, the all in all, the totality of everything.

The True Way of Christ

In our day, we are plagued with many false gospels such as – “receive Christ and you’ll have all your problems solved.” Well, yes, eventually all our problems will be solved, but coming to Christ does not mean all your problems are solved at once.

The Spiral of Sin and Death 2

Recently a pop star who was famous in the 1980s died. He had wealth. He had fame. He had pleasure. His last words on earth were, “So much wasted time!”

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