The Faith in the Family 3

Headship isn’t about control but is about care. It is about our taking responsibility to minister to ourwives rather than ruling over them and asserting ourselves.

The Faith in the Family 2

When Paul says, “wives subject yourselves to your own husbands,” he is doing this within a biblical framework where women were equal to men, where women were one with the men in Christ, where women were redeemed and loved by God just as men were redeemed and loved by God, and where women looked forward to an eternity of joy and reigning with Christ, just as men look forward to it.

The Faith in the Family 1

I will go so far as to say that if you can live for Christ at home, you can live for him anywhere.

Obediently by the Spirit 3

Paul gives us four descriptions of what it means to be filled with the Spirit of God. Today we will learn what they are to practice them!

Live Obediently by the Spirit 2

Sin breaks us into fragments. But the Spirit of God puts the pieces of our lives together into wholeness. Sin dehumanizes us. But the Spirit of God restores the image of God inside us.

Obediently by the Spirit 1

God provides many incentives to live for him, but this is the greatest incentive of all! God Himself has come to live in us.

Live Obediently Because It is Smart

Imagine getting to the end of our lives, not the end of a day or the end of a week or month, but getting to the end of life and thinking, “I’ve wasted it all!”

Live Obediently Because of Who You Are

God is calling people out of spiritual sleep into spiritual alertness, out of spiritual death into spiritual life, out of spiritual darkness into spiritual light.

Live Obediently Because God Will Judge

In our reach for “what works” it can be easy to lose sight of holy living. It is easier to practice a principle or implement a strategy than it is to say “no” to sin or to cultivate a godly habit.

Six Ways to Live as a New Man 6

You and I have such a high and noble calling. We have such a destiny in front of us that sinful behavior is out of character for us. It is unworthy of who Christ is, and unworthy of who we are as his people.

Six Ways to Live as a New Man 5

I know it is not easy. I am not trying to minimize the pain you feel. Some of you have stories of horrendous deeds done against you. I understand. But, eventually, you must forgive.

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