Steps to Trust God with All Your Heart

Here are the 5 marks of a person, who is fully committed to the Lord.

Why is It So Hard to Trust or Not to Trust?

We can either take things in our hands or back off and ask God to take over.

Learn How to Give Your All

Here's a wonderful lesson on D.L. Moody's life!

This is What to Do When Satan Stops You

What can you do when you are in a spiritual war?

How Valuable are You?

Let's hear 3 accounts in Luke 15 to understand that there is hope for the lost.

How Do I Continue to Love Others?

It's good to remember what Jesus said about forgiveness of those who sinned against you!

Learn More About the Sickness of Sin

Find out what forgiveness is all about and why it's God's antidote to this hurting world.

How Do I Choose Forgiveness Over Revenge or Repression?

You have 1 of 3 choices to make when you are confronted with wrongdoing.

This is What You Can Learn from a Church for the Birds

A relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation and key to understanding what fellowship really means.

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

If you are at peace with yourself, it is easy to to smile or laugh at the ironies of life.

Start Understanding God's Answers

The question "Why?" is endless so God gave us the responsibility to trust and obey Him instead.

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