How to Really Find God

You can only find God through surrender!

God, Why Did You Let This Happen?

Wise is the one who turns to God in times of difficulty rather than turning on God.

Why God Doesn't Force You to Believe

God never forces Himself upon you, but invites you to reach out for His help!

7 Assumptions About Love

How much do you really know about love?

3 Reasons Marriages Disconnect

What causes marriages to disconnect?

Who Determines Right and Wrong?

Every person makes a statement, right or wrong, with his life.

Discover What the Scientific World Observed About Creation

Can there be design in creation without a Designer?

How to Trade Revenge for Forgiveness

Forgiveness, not vengeance, is the only answer to the hatred that destroys people.

Are You Living for Something Worth Dying For?

How willing are you to give your life for others, as Jesus did?

The Bible Was Written fo You

Jesus made some promises to specific individuals, yet there is an application you can make in your own life.

How Do I Live a Life in Christ?

We can understand what it is to live "in Christ" by pictures of what it isn't.

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