Love Never Fails, or Does It?

The agape love that God can help you extend to others has power that transcends human logic.

What Does Agape Love Look Like?

The only way to love is to have God's love within!

Love Requires Costly Compromise

Since "the best of men are but men at their best," we need real love for one another to cover our mistakes!

Why are We Quick to Believe a Lie?

Learn to rejoice in truth, not when someone someone stumbles and falls.

The 4 Tests of Real Love

Will you recognize real love when you see it?

You are Nothing Without This

Find out the significance of love in life.

Here is What's Better than Believing in Yourself

A small faith in a great God moves mountains!

How Overconfidence Can Hurt You

"If you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall," was the challenge the Apostle Paul posed to the Corinthian believers.

God is as Close as Your Need!

Do you know the God who cares for you?

Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?

Our addiction to work is a form of slavery the Sabbath was designed to free us from!

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