The Kids that Counted the Cost

Have you personally counted the cost of your faith in Jesus?

What Do You Do When You are Afraid?

Would your love for God enable you to withstand a valley of testing?

5 Questions that Predict Marital Success

Answering these five questions yourself will help you decide which direction your marriage is headed.

You Can Have Confidence in Crisis

The good news of the Gospel is that there is an unchanging God who offers help in times of crisis.

Are You an Influencer?

Should a Christian's life be difference from those around him/her?

How to be a Compassionate Friend

The gift of your presence can make all the difference!

The Kind of Love You Need

What kind of love are you looking for? Where do you think will you find it?

Why Beauty from Hardship is Possible

God can use your painful experience to strengthen you at your very core.

4 Guidelines to Help You Stop Lying

Honesty is a way of life, which God honors!

God is for You!

God is not looking down at you to keep track of all of your wrongs, but to save you from your wrongdoings.

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