How to Hear God's Voice in the Midst of Life

God speaks clearly through His Word, but He gets our attention through the events of life.

How Far Away is God?

God is as close as our heart-cry and as far away as our unbelief and refusal to trust Him.

Six Ingredients of a Happy Marriage

The success or failure of a marriage depends entirely on what you put into it and in the right amounts.

Four Questions to Ask When Your Child Needs Correcting

When a child's behavior deteriorates to a point where corrective measures are necessary, parents need to ask some important questions.

Three Things You Can Do About Worry

It is time to stop trying to change what we cannot change, and let God be God!

How to Free Yourself from Bitterness

Have you grown in your Christian experience that you can forgive the person who has badly hurt you?

Learn What to Do with Your Anger

Not all anger is sin, but it can be a poison to your body and soul!

Help in a Crisis

God cares about your heart cries and when you need to tell someone how you feel.

What Makes Religion Toxic?

God's Son came on a mission to deliver us from toxic and corrupt religion.

The Secret to Unshakeable Faith

Would you admit that there are days when your faith is pretty shaky?

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