What is the Meaning of the Word "Home"?

Without the assurance of an eternal home, it's a pretty dark future.

4 Guidelines When You're Being Persecuted

Here's how you can respond when you become a target of hostility for doing right.

This is Why You Should be a Peacemaker

There are only losers in your refusal to resolve conflict.

Can God Restore My Heart?

If you want to see God, better learn how your heart can be pure!

Is God Rich in Mercy?

What place is there for mercy in our world today?

Do You Hunger and Thirst for God?

A lesson we can learn from David, as he takes refuge in his faith!

3 Ways to Overcome Temptation

What do you do when you are tempted?

4 Guidelines to Help You Say What You Mean

Do you want to say "No," but you end up saying "Yes" or vice versa?

Understand Your Core Needs

Are you confusing your wants with your actual needs?

3 Things to Do to Say the Right Thing

Learn to cultivate the habit of saying the right thing at the right time.

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