How to Understand the Prophecies About Jesus

Prophecy is one of the means by which God demonstrates very clearly that what He says about His Son is true.

300 Signs Pointing to Jesus

Have you ever tried the laws of probability to the prophecies that were made prior to the coming of Jesus Christ to earth?

Here are Great Guidelines for Fractured Relationships

Nothing has the healing power of these four simple words: "I'm sorry; forgive me."

How to Combat Discouragement

Daily renewal and focus are the secrets of combating discouragement!

3 Guidelines to Trusting God More

Does God have favorites?

Why You Need Silence in Your Life

God still says, "Be still and know that I am God."

How to Have Faith in a Dark World

God desires more to meet you and touch your life than you are in having Him do so.

Does Believing Something Make It True?

How often we refuse to accept the obvious and convince ourselves that things are different from what they seem!

Discover Where Your Help Comes From

Do you need to get airborne on the wings of faith?

What Does Integrity Look Like Today?

There is a price to be paid for maintaining your integrity in a morally bankrupt world.

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