Do You Ever Feel Invisible?

For the moments that you feel you want to hide somewhere where no one can find you.

Teaching the Next Generation

A beautiful story of Darlene's Christian heritage!

Understanding God's Timing of Death

Here's a biblical insight on why some people are spared from injury, while others are not.

You are a Disciple of Jesus

Try saying it our loud: "I am the disciple whom Jesus loves."

4 Steps that Can Bring Healing

You can fight the battle of fear!

How Do You Influence Your Children?

What is true in your own life is what you will genuinely communicate to your kids.

Why Don't We Pray More Often?

You can talk to the One who brought everything into existence!

What is on Your To Do List?

God grants our heart's desire if we delight in Him!

Have You Put Your Faith in Jesus?

A beautiful reminder that Jesus took the punishment for our sins.

Do You Believe God is Great?

Problems are smaller than they seem with God.

Start Giving Your Worries to God

A story of how a New York City bus driver took the burdens off his passengers.

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