A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, But a Wonderful Thing to Invest In

God has given us new life in the Holy Spirit who works to reshape and conform us to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. We are considered adopted children of God. LetÂ’s talk about how living a transformed life in Jesus can change us in wonderful way we could never have imagined.

The Power of Prayer in the Lives of Believers

Do you believe in prayer? Should you believe in prayer? Do others realize you believe in prayer? What should you believe about prayer?

It's Suppertime

Jesus offers the greatest invitation you will ever receive in your life! The supper is ready; come and eat.

He’s the Light You Need!

It is interesting to note that Jesus, born of Jewish parents, grew up in a Gentile area . In this week’s message we will discuss the reason why, and how He was the Light sent from heaven.

The Bridegroom

Summer is a season for many weddings, especially the month of June. Have you ever thought of the BibleÂ’s analogy that we the Church are the Bride of Christ and Jesus is our bridegroom who loves and cherishes us as His people

GodÂ’s First Marriage

Do you think of paradise and marriage in the same idea? Someone said, “Marriage reminds me of the opening line of Charles Dickens novel – ‘It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.’” But God gave marriage to us as a blessing of love for his people. Let’s talk more about this. Please join us.

How to Have a 3 a.m. Friendship

With all the loneliness in the world, sometimes we need a special friend with whom we can openly safely share our most intimate thoughts. Someone who is always there when we need them with encouragements and affirmations. We need God with skin on.

A Warrior's Joy

What motivates a soldier to go into battle? What motivates a warrior to fight? As we celebrate American independence on July 4, we would do well to remember that freedom is never free. Others have sacrificed so we might live free. So also we who believe in God know our freedom in Christ's love isn't free either.

The Mind of Christ

Have you ever wished you were a genius. Do you wish for a better mind, a better way of thinking, or a better approach to life? Every believer can have the mind of Christ. Let’s talk more about what that means. Please join us.

Get a Grip on Citizenship

It can be an unwise choice to discuss religion or politics in a mixed group of people. As Christians, we have a dual citizenship. We are citizens of both our nation and the kingdom of God. Let's get a better understanding of how a follower of Jesus lives out their faith in relationship to government.

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