Following Jesus Means Denial

It is music to our ears when we hear someone say to us, I'm all-in! Jesus, also, wants to hear and see this all-in attitude from His followers. He calls us to "take our our cross" - deny ourselves - and follow Him, which requires a very high commitment on our part. Let's talk more about this cross we must bear and the benefits of doing so in our message.

Asking, Seeking and Knocking for the Desires of our Hearts

If you ask theologians what the most misused verse in the Bible is, many of them will likely reply it is Luke 11:9 "Ask and it will be given . . ." As with any Bible verse, it can be lifted out of its specific context and made to fit a particular theological slant. However, that is a dangerous thing to do. Join us as we discover the context and story behind this popular verse.

God's Plans for Us

In all likelihood, you are probably familiar with these words from Scripture: "For surely I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, "plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” They are beautiful, comforting words, but we need to ask, What are they really all about? What is their meaning for us?

Holding Hope Through Pause

How do we hold on to hope? How do we rise above despair to be faithful to what God asks us to do? Discouragement is a part of life. It can consume our spirit and make us want to quit. Let's look at Jeremiah's faith journey to learn that which will empower and inform our journey of faith today.

A Deeper Pause

Life is like a bike tire. We don't intentionally take air out, it just leaves. And just as it's harder to peddle with flat tires, it's not as fun to live when the air has leaked out of our lives. Life has a way of deflating us. It is to the people who are feeling like flat tires that a sweet invitation comes today. "Come to me all who weary and are carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest."

You Can Have a Deeper Certainty

Have you ever heard the saying, The older I get, the less I know? Just when we think we've learned all the answers, someone changes the questions. Life, it seems, is full of the unknown. But happily, St. John has some wonderful things we can know with certainty. Let's learn what they are in the last study of our "Deeper" series.

David's Messiah

What is the relationship between our hopes and dreams, the character and heart of God, and our faith in God's promises? Let's talk about that in our message, "David's Messiah."Join us, won't you?

A Deeper Love

What are the marks of a Christian life? We are going to look at one of those marks in our message today as we continue our sermon series entitled, "Deeper."

A Deeper Hope for God's Children

It is important for believers in Jesus Christ to remember who and whose they are - a child of God - precious in His sight with a glorious future. They can look forward to a date when they will meet Him face to face. They have become children of God, born again to live their days confident with a deep hope.

The Deepest Truth of All

What do you believe about Jesus? Your understanding of Jesus Christ is critical to your relationship with God. Whenever the truth about Jesus is muddied, people get confused and their eternal destiny is at risk. Let's take a look at some deeper truths that St. John shares with us about Jesus.

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