How to Have a 3 a.m. Friendship

With all the loneliness in the world, sometimes we need a special friend with whom we can openly safely share our most intimate thoughts. Someone who is always there when we need them with encouragements and affirmations. We need God with skin on.

Asking, Seeking and Knocking for the Desires of our Hearts

If you ask theologians what the most misused verse in the Bible is, many of them will likely reply it is Luke 11:9 "Ask and it will be given . . ." As with any Bible verse, it can be lifted out of its specific context and made to fit a particular theological slant. However, that is a dangerous thing to do. Join us as we discover the context and story behind this popular verse.

So What Now?

The good news of the Easter message is the linchpin of our faith. The resurrection of Jesus from the grave fills us with the promise of eternal life with God and forgiveness as we repent of our sins and trust in Jesus Christ. But now that we have celebrated this major event, next comes the question, Where do we go from here?

Prince of Peace

Song writers sing about it. World leaders promise it. Our hearts long for it. Peace. How do we attain peace in our world in the midst of chaos, killing, adversarial language, and animosity? What are the things that make for peace?

A Birth Like No Other

C. S. Lewis once said, “Jesus was conceived when God took off the glove of nature and touched Mary with his naked finger. Thus, Jesus did not evolve up and out of history.” Let’s learn more about this statement and what it means.

I Need to Make Some Changes in My Life

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I need to make some changes in my life.” I’m just not very good at running my life on my own; no one is. We are sinners, and when we try to live life on our own terms, it can lead to disaster. We’re not very good at fixing it either as we use own willpower, our own strength.

Time to Grow Up

Did you ever think that, like Peter Pan, you never wanted to grow up? Have you ever thought that you were underdeveloped emotionally or even spiritually? What does it mean to grow up fully into spiritual maturity and faith?

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Mary was a simple, uneducated young woman when the Angel Gabriel visited her. She must have been terribly frightened at the thought of God's request. Yet her response was one of faith and willingness to be fulfill God's plan. Let's learn how God can use ordinary people like Mary, and us, to do the extraordinary.

The Bottom Line

Sacrifice. Not a word we tend to use when it comes to Jesus. Yet, amazingly enough, Jesus asks us to give up EVERYTHING in order to follow Him. Join us as we talk about how His call is actually more of an investment than a sacrifice to those who choose to follow Him.

Lost People Matter

When we lose an important possession, we leave no stone unturned until it is found. This is also how our heavenly Father feels about lost souls. How does this affect our life as one of His followers? Let's learn the answer in our message.

Meet Your King

Christ the King Sunday in the Christian Church is much more than a simple phrase to title the day. Join us as we learn a lesson from a thief on the cross about the reason we call Jesus our King.

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