What is Hope?

While we use the word very often, do we really know what "Hope" is? Listen to Wendy Palau share what true hope is in today's edition of "Hope with God".

Miracles of Jesus

Did you know that Jesus sees and cares for you? How can you know that? In this edition of "Hope with God", Andrew Palau looks at what Jesus did while in the midst of grief.

Unexpected Forgiveness

Jay drank too much, drove too fast, hit a train resulting in his father being killed. Could he ever be forgiven? Listen to Jay's story on this edition of "Hope with God" with Andrew Palau to learn what happened next.

What is Love?

Are you defining "love" correctly? Do you really know what "love" is? Wendy Palau defines love according to the Bible and shares the extreme example of true love in this edition of "Hope with God".

Complete Forgiveness

He battled alcohol all his life, but at 64 years of age when Don met Jesus, everything changed. How? Listen to Andrew Palau share how in this edition of "Hope with Jesus".

A Hopeful Invalid

Did you hear about the woman who had a medical issue for 12 years, but one day, she met Jesus and . . .

Sin, Guilt and Forgiveness

Have you made the word "forgiveness" meaningless? Andrew Palau points out how this may have happened in your life. Listen to today's edition of "Hope with God" to learn more.

Safety and Security

Have you ever wanted true security? Where can you find it? How can you obtain it? Andrew Palau shares where and how in this edition of "Hope with God".

Losing Control

Do you feel out of control? Do you feel that the world is out of control? Wendy Palau shares hope for you this day in "Hope with God".

Do you have peace?

Do you have peace? Do you know how to have peace, where to get it? Andrew Palau shares where and how in this edition of "Hope with God".

What are you Looking At?

How does ballet help Wendy in her walk with Christ?

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