A Perfect Person

What happened to the only perfect human?

Jesus Knows You!

Do you realize that Jesus knows you and loves you? Allow Wendy Palau to tell you more in today's episode of "Hope with God".

Who is Jesus?

Have you ever wondered who actually is Jesus? What do you really know about him? Let Andrew Palau help you learn the truth.

Life and Peace All Day

Do you have life and peace all day long, every day? If not, do you want to know how you can? Listen to Andrew Palau share how in this edition of "Hope with God".

Fixing Our Eyes

How does Wendy Palau gain comfort in the midst of difficult times?

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Andrew Palau shares the biggest miracle of all time in today's edition of "Hope with God".

What God is Like

Do you ever wonder what God is like? We can learn the answer in the Bible. Listen to Wendy Palau in this edition of "Hope with God" and learn more.

Defending Yourself

What do we feel the huge need to defend ourselves? Is that our only option?


What does God do about people suffering?

Perfect Jealousy

How can God be jealous?

Suddenly Angry

While you may struggle with suddenly being angry, God is known as abounding in mercy. Let Andrew Palau explain this to you in today's edition of "Hope with God".

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