Jesus will not Disqualify You

What kind of people did Jesus hang out with?

Jesus is the Best Teacher

Do you view walking with Jesus as a test? Do you see Jesus as a tester or teacher?

Jesus Reaches out to the Weak

Have you found yourself is a weak and desperate situation? Learn who you can turn to by listening to today's edition of "Hope with God".

Jesus Came to Bring You Honor

Did you know that Jesus came to bring you honor?

He Reaches Out to the Rejected

Do you tend to help those who are rejected?

Let Love Motivate You

Why did God send Jesus to take our place?

Ask God to Soften Your Heart

Do you feel compassion for those who are hurting?

Seeing Your World as an Opportunity

Do you see a "wide open door" or do you see opposition?

Welcome to the Call

Do you know you have a God-given purpose for your life?

You Were Rescued for a Purpose

Why did Jesus rescue you? Andrew Palau helps you with answering that important question in this edition of "Hope with God".

No Special Qualifications

Did you know there are no special qualifications needed in order to share Christ?

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