The Stars & Scars of Christmas

Is Jesus God or man? Dr. Rogers answer to this in today's edition of Love Worth Finding" may surprise you.

Jesus Christ—The One and Only

Was Jesus merely a good man? Was He just a good teacher? How does Jesus factor into the "Great Tribulation"? Dr. Adrian Rogers answers these questions and more in today edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Mary's Little Lamb

Is Mary's little lamb to be feared or followed? After you learn more about this special lamb, you will need to decide. Pay close attention to Dr. Adrian Rogers' message today on "Love Worth Finding" to learn so much more about this incredibly special lamb.

Christmas Is Spelled L-O-V-E

Have you ever considered giving someone this Christmas what God gave? Why would 1 Corinthians 13 be placed between chapter 12 and chapter 14? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares three points why in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Jesus, the Light of the World

What does it mean that Jesus is the light of the world? What difference does it make for you and me? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares five things about Jesus' wonderful light.

Planning Your Future

Have you heard that failure is succeeding at the wrong thing? What are three "Bewares" you ought to consider? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares these warnings in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

The Unfinished Story of Christmas

Is Christmas only about a baby? Is that the complete story? Did the baby grow up? What else do we know about this baby celebrated at Christmas? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares what's ahead in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Jesus Christ The Son of God and God the Son

Some people say Jesus was a great man. Some people Jesus was a great moral teacher. Which best describes Jesus: Liar, Lunatic or Lord? Dr. Adrian Rogers clearly answers this question in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

Who Is Jesus?

One man has impacted history more than any other man or woman. There is not one minute of time now where millions of people are not studying what He said. This man is the theme of today's sermon by D. Adrian Rogers on "Love Worth Finding".

How to Handle Your Fear

Have you ever experienced fear? Maybe the better question is how often have you experienced fear. In today's episode of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers shares how to not only handle your fear, but to conquer your fear.

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