Millionaire Marriages

How much do you treasure family values? Have you even thought about it? What do we mean by family values? Pastor Adrian Rogers shares on this in today's edition of "Love Worth Finding".

What Shall I Do with Jesus?

The most important question ever asked is . . .

The Simplicity of Salvation

What is your greatest desire for those you love the dearest? Why did Jesus come? Who needed Him to come?

The Unpardonable Sin

Some sins are worse than others, but which is the unpardonable sin? Find out by listening to Dr. Adrian Rogers in today's episode of "Love Worth Finding".

Five Minutes After Death

People don't want to think about it and the certainty of it, but why are they not prepared for their own death? What happens five minutes after death?

The Days of Noah

History is coming to a climax. How so? Listen to the late pastor Dr. Adrian Rogers to learn some important details in this episode of "Love Worth Finding".

The Final Judgment

Do you know what's ahead? Do you want to know? In this edition of "Love Worth Finding", Dr. Adrian Rogers points out what is truly ahead for each person.

The Value of a Soul

How do you measure the value of a soul? How does God measure the value of a soul? Listen to Dr. Adrian Rogers give the answers in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

When Prayer Seems Unanswered

Sometimes prayers never get prayed. But sometimes prayers offered, don't seem to be answered. What's up with that? Dr. Adrian Rogers shares his perspective in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

How to Deal with Depression

Some of God's greatest saints have gone through deep depression. What is depression? How can you deal with it when it hits you? Listen to this edition of "Love worth Finding" to find out.

The Wings of Faith

"The need of the hour is for an earth-shaking, devil quaking faith." According to the Bible, what is faith? Find out by listening to the late Dr. Adrian Rogers in this edition of "Love Worth Finding".

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