Power of Praise

Even the mountains and hills burst into song and the trees clap their hands before the Lord. Why? Barbara Sandbek shares why in this episode of "Grace Notes".

Power in His Presence – Come as a Child

Children expect to receive things. We, adults, on the other hand, hold our cup up to the Lord saying “fill it” and it’s already full of our ‘things’ and our plans. A ‘give me’ attitude isn’t all bad. God wants . . .

Power Tools- Prayer, praise, HIS presence

In Psalm 73, the Psalmist frets over the prosperity of the wicked. They seem to be living a carefree life…while the righteous are continually plagued and punished. When he tries to understand it, it’s too oppressive for him..UNTIL . . .

Power in the Truth of the Word of God

I picture my walk with the Lord as a fine-tuned engine. When I maintain my spirit through Bible study, prayer and meditation, it purrs. I can easily avoid the pitfalls the devil throws in my way, be at peace with life’s interruptions, and get great mileage from the fruits of the spirit. But, . . .

Power through Weakness

How is it possible to actually have power through weakness? God revealed many things to the Apostle Paul, some so magnificent he couldn’t even write about. But along with these revelations, God gave him a thorn in his flesh. Why?

Power in Purity

Are you tired of being weighed down by the sin in your life? What can you do about it? Is forgiveness possible? How? Barbara Sandbek shares how in today's episode of "Grace Notes".

Power in Surrender – Part 2

How do we crucify ourselves and still live? Christ’s sacrifice was beneficial to us, but how is our sacrifice beneficial to Him? Why does it matter what sacrifice we make? Why would specific order matter in making them?

What makes a good father

A father’s job is to GUIDE his children into what God has for THEM to do, not do it for them. In other words, he should be their coach, and teach THEM how to win. Today on Grace Notes, our host Barbara Sandbek will share some thoughts on what it takes to be a good father.

Power in Surrender – Part 1

The best illustration I can think of to help me understand why Peter denied the Lord, and how he felt afterwards, was in my own life. When I was turning six, my mom . . .

God's Power In Us

There’s more to repentance than just feeling guilty. Judas Iscariot felt remorse over his betrayal of Christ, but instead of turning to the Lord for forgiveness, he chose to end his life. Why repent?

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