It's all about God's grace!

There has been much debate over whether the story of Jonah is true or just an allegory. Regardless of your stance, 2 Timothy 3:16 says that ALL Scripture is inspired by God and is PROFITABLE for our training. On this Grace Notes program, Barbara Sandbek will begin a series on the book of Jonah. You’ll find this to be NO fish story - rather one that’s alive with lessons we can learn and apply so don’t miss a single program.

How to succeed - forgive

On our Grace Notes program today, Barbara Sandbek will tell us the story of a successful Biblical character, Joseph, who vividly demonstrated how important forgiveness is in achieving success. But before she does, let’s join with her in worship and adoration of the Lord our God.

Thine is the GLORY forever

The phrase ‘the Glory of God’ represents many things – the essential quality of God’s character, His righteousness, and His presence. In fact, someone once described it as ‘all his attributes summed up into one and then raised to the nth power’. His Glory is also His worthiness. Everything about Him testifies that He is worthy to receive praise, honor, and respect. When we ascribe Glory to God it is a form of affirmation, praise, and thanksgiving.

Deliver us from evil

A temptation from God is ‘a trial or proving of man’s integrity or virtue, which aims at an ultimate spiritual good’. A temptation from satan is ‘an enticement to sin or do evil’. In THIS phrase, it is important to note that the line, ‘deliver us from evil’ is translated in the NIV this way…deliver us from The Evil One. With this in mind, let’s join our host, Barbara Sandbek as we study this request further.

Forgive us our debtors as we forgive our debtors

The Jews in Jesus’ day were a people very subject to revenge and were hardly brought to forgive any injuries done to them. Perhaps this is why Jesus made it a point to command that they forgive others AND tell them what the consequences would be if they didn’t. In discussing this, we need to be careful not to conclude that our forgiving of others causes God to forgive us, or to compare our forgiving to God’s. With this in mind, let’s begin our study.

Give us this day our daily bread - continued

On our last program, we began a review of the petitioning section of the prayer, with the phrase, “Give us this day our daily bread”, and concentrated on the word, ‘Give’. On our program today, we’ll complete our study of the entire phrase. We pray these messages will serve to enhance your prayer time as you seek to follow Jesus’ example.

Give us this day our daily bread

Though we are assured of God’s provision through this promise, we must still ask for what we need. So, after considering the things of God's glory, kingdom, and will, we are to pray for the four areas of personal need; bread for our body and soul, forgiveness which should produce a forgiving spirit in us, not being led into temptation, and deliverance from evil. On our program today, we’ll concentrate on the first need defined in the phrase “Give us this day our daily bread’. There’s a lot more here than meets the eye, so stay tuned.

Thy Will be done on earth

Jesus said we’re to pray for the Father’s will to be done on earth and then defined how it can be accomplished in the rest of the phrase – ‘as it is in heaven’. How IS His will carried out in heaven?’ One word sums it up – perfectly! It’s only natural, therefore, in the progression of the prayer, that we be concerned about what God is concerned about – His WILL being done on earth. This is the topic of our study today.

Thy Kingdom come

Jesus Christ displayed his amazing love for us when He gave up His life so we could become part of His family and His Kingdom. The next part of the Model prayer we’ll address is the phrase ‘Thy Kingdom come’. But first, let’s listen to a song about this amazing love

Hallowed by Thy Name

There are hundreds of Names for the Lord God in the Bible. Each one reflects a different aspect of His Nature and provision for us. God requires that we use His Name when we pray. On our program today we’ll look at the phrase, ‘Hallowed be Your Name’, in the model prayer Jesus gave us to follow, and see how we can best honor God through the use of His Name.

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