A Tribute to Mothers and Grandmothers

Pictures…what would we do without them? They capture the beauty of the moment and help us relive memories of times that will never occur like that again. Other people can't appreciate them like we do - we have them painted in our minds. When we think of ‘MOTHER’, we recall vivid pictures of her doting over us in loving ways. On this Grace Notes program, Barbara Sandbek will pay tribute to the moms and grandmoms who mold the character of their children and grandchildren.

Peter's Discourse

On this program, we're going to take you back in time to one of the most exciting events in the history of the Christian church. We'll meet some special people and hear more about what took place. The setting is Jerusalem, the time around 30 A.D.

Easter - a New Begininng!

What does Easter mean to you? Is it a time to get out the Easter baskets, shop for clothes, and have your kids’ picture taken with the Easter Bunny? Well, that may be what some people do, but the actual meaning of the ‘Easter’ is ‘a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ’.

Easter - What's good about Good Friday?

On Good Friday we celebrate the death of Jesus Christ. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it – ‘Celebrating’ a death? Why call it ‘GOOD’ Friday? It’s good, because . . .

Why do we do what we do?

"King Saul’s pride was the cause of his removal from the throne. He had taken it upon himself to personally offer a sacrifice, rather than obey God’s instructions to wait for Samuel, who, as a priest, was qualified. He also did not . . ."


Over the past few months we’ve been sharing the Sandbek’s experiences in building the first Christian radio station in southern Belize. Today’s program finishes out this series. We concluded our last program with the completion of the station, however, that was only the beginning. A schedule needed to be developed and they needed staff. Once again, as you listen, you’ll be amazed at how God had prearranged everything.


On our program today, our host, Barbara Sandbek, will share how she and Dale dealt with some disruptive situations in the building of the radio station in southern Belize. Their prayer for you, as you listen, is that you will be encouraged to trust God in YOUR difficult situations.


Welcome to Grace Notes and the continuing story of God’s faithfulness in the building of the first Christian radio station in southern Belize.. Dale & Barb Sandbek were just ordinary people who said ‘yes’ to the Lord’s call and in doing so found that not only does God provide for His work to be done, He gives incredible blessings for the effort.


today, we’ll see how faith, not worry, was rewarded with evidence that God had indeed been working behind the scenes to ensure that all that was needed for His station was made available - and in just the nick of time. Listen to Barbara Sandbek to learn what happened next.


"We stayed in our missionary friend’s house, as promised, until they returned. Now it was time for us to move to the jungle-like area of Belize – known as the ‘forgotten’ land. This is probably because there is . . ."

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