Dwight & Nancy Land

Dwight grew up longing to be a pilot, but his dreams are dashed when he's told he needs glasses. He rebels by drinking and drag racing. Find out how his dream was brought to reality on UNSHACKLED!

Debra Hedgcorth Pt 2

Debra and her husband Chris are drug addicts and are always fighting. The marriage teeters on the edge of divorce. Learn how they were reconciled on UNSHACKLED!

Debra Hedgcorth

To escape an abusive childhood, Debra turned to drugs. Things got worse, and she ended up in jail. Find out how she found freedom on UNSHACKLED!

Art Hustfelt Classic

Alcohol brought Art Husfelt to ruin. It cost him both his family and his job. Can a man like that be redeemed? Find out the answer on UNSHACKLED!

Mickey Kalman Classic

Mickey was a trouble maker from his childhood. As he grew he got into more trouble, with the law AND himself. Here how the trouble ended on UNSHACKLED!

Nickolay Pt 2

Nickolay is a lawyer in his native Russia. Depressed and discouraged he comes to America to study, and finds a Way that he didn't know existed. Find out what happened on UNSHACKLED!


He grew up in Russia, the son of atheistic parents. Find out how Nicolay turned from hopelessness to Hope itself on UNSHACKLED!

John Lira Pt 2

Hear the story of John Lira on UNSHACKLED, a story of rebellion and redemption!

John Lira

John became part of a gang at a young age and that decision led to drugs , violence, and prison. Hear how he was rescued on the next UNSHACKLED!

Eddie Huffman Classic

He was at the top of of his game in the fighting world. He had it all, then lost it all. Later, he found his all in all. Listen to the Eddie Huffman story on UNSHACKLED!

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