Bill Hathaway

For a child, separation from parents through death or other circumstances is traumatic. Find out how Bill grew through these experiences on the next UNSHACKLED!

Gary Cohen Pt 2

Misfortune and change comes to every life. Hear how Gary weathered misfortune and change on this edition of UNSHACKLED!

Gary Cohen

Believing something different brings conflict. Hear how Gary came to Truth that brought division AND reconciliation on UNSHACKLED!

Amy Luke Pt. 2

Living through a world war AND blindness can be life-changing. Hear how Amy and her husband saw the hand of God in their circumstance on the next UNSHACKLED!

Amy Luke Pt. 1 Earthquake!

Living through an earthquake and it's aftermath is a frightening experience. Hear how Amy coped on the next UNSHACKLED!

Promod Haique True Spirtuality vs. Spirtism

Growing up in India, Promod saw the terrible effects of false religion, including demonic possession and oppression. Hear how he found freedom, as you listen to his story.

Mitchell Boggs From fear to faith

Mitchell experienced many losses, but found the strength to endure. Listen to his story to find out how to overcome fear with faith.

Dean and Dee Mader Pt. 2 From rejection to acceptence.

Dean was rejected by his father, who called him "Stupe". Find out how he was accepted by Another. Listen now!

Dean and Dee Mader Pt. 1 If you're hurt, find healing here.

Growing up, Dee feared her cold and cruel father. Hear how she found real love as yu listen to her story.

Linda Kropp Pt. 2 From Loss to Life

Even believers in God struggle and have great trials, but Linda knew where to go after great loss. Find out how she found hope, as you listen to her story.

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