Holly Hammonds Pt 1

Growing up, Holly had a great fear of death. What really happens when you die? Hear how she found the answer.

James Wilson Pt 2

When an underwater mine explodes on his navy ship, Jim narrowly escapes death. Why was he spared? He has graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy where a midshipman led him to Christ. During the aftermath of the explosion, he witnesses his faith to suffering sailors. And while the ship is in dry dock, he meets and falls in love with Bessie, a missionary in Japan. They marry and he discovers his life ministry: reaching young people for Christ.

James Wilson Pt 1

Jim survives three major childhood diseases, putting him behind in school, but he’s a fighter. He works at the stockyards in Omaha to support the family after his father’s heart attack. He graduates, joins the Navy and then is appointed to the Naval Academy where he struggles with self-righteousness during his Plebe year. The first part ends as he is saved during his “youngster year”.


Caleb follows the old ways without question until he is trampled by horses and ponders death. Would he have gone to Heaven? He marries, and the birth of his children brings more questions. He seeks answers and assurance, but his doubt makes him suspect. Bible study leads Caleb to salvation, and church leaders try to coerce him into conformity then prevent their flight. Ultimately, they leave and are shunned. He and Debra now minister to the Amish.

Henry Christian

Henry is an alcoholic by age 15, gets in trouble with the law and joins the army; receives an honorable discharge, still a drunk. Injured at work, he needs back surgery and with the settlement money, he buys a home. Still a drunk, he marries a woman who is unfaithful and leaves him, taking their 4 children. Desolate, Henry plans suicide but God intervenes. Henry goes on to get a PhD and serves the Lord in rescue work and as an evangelist with his wife Victoria.

Ron Wheeler #2

Ron tries parachuting to experience life but finds no answers. He moves to Kansas City, determined to break into cartooning; but after 8 months, his work is rejected. He has found a church that teaches the Bible, and he yields to Christ. Only then does God open the door to cartooning. Ron meets Cindy and they eventually marry. As Ron grows in the Lord, he gains more free-lance cartooning jobs, and now has millions of tracts in circulation.

Ron Wheeler #1

Ron’s cartooning skill is manifest as a child and he becomes full of pride and arrogance. He resists drinking and drugs in high school—even college at first. But success with a comic strip inflates his self-worth. He succumbs to drinking, then drugs, still hankering for a career as a cartoonist. The first part ends when he graduates and goes to work in the corporate world where he fails.

Robert Mortenson - Classic

After witnessing and experiencing bullies, Robert develops a twisted view of living pure to avoid evil. When his religion fails him, he become a cynical alcoholic, prone to rage, rendering himself 4-F to the Draft Board. Dabbling in philosophy, he discovers the power of Jesus the Man, reads the gospels and surrenders to Christ. He hears “Unshackled!” and writes to Pacific Garden Mission. He enlists in the Army, serves his country and marries his sweetheart, Faye.

Ron Unger

The middle of seven children, Ron has an alcoholic dad and an overworked mother. Feeling neglected, he resorts to troublesome friends, drugs and crime. He joins the navy to avoid jail, goes AWOL, then takes his punishment. He marries but his wife is unfaithful and he divorces her. Then he meets Bonnie. When she, too, is unfaithful, he gives his life to the One who is Faithful and True.

Lane Turner Pt 2

Lane’s fear of death vanishes after he is born again while bicycling. He witnesses ineffectually to his cousin, who is dying of cancer. Then, after much Bible study, he begins to give his testimony and speak God’s truth. When a long-time friend is dying of cancer, he shares the gospel in the presence of a cynic, and becomes an effective apologist for the gospel.

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