The Crooked Woman

Jesus is teaching on the Sabbath and a woman walks into the service who has been afflicted with a deformity for 18 years. The synagogue leaders are watching closely to see what Jesus will do. What does Jesus do?

Slashing Swords, Crashing Buildings

A group of men came to Jesus and reported what Pilate had done - killed Jewish men in the temple while they were offering their sacrifices to God. It was time for revenge! But Jesus had a different perspective on what his people should be concerned about.

The Master Who Served His Slaves

Jesus told the crowds they should not fear or worry, should share their provisions with the poor, and above all else seek the kingdom of God. But what was the kingdom like? In this story, Jesus shocks the people by telling about a master who did the unthinkable.

On Guard Against Greed

A man in the crowd approaches Jesus and asks him to settle a dispute between him and his brother over their inheritance! Jesus refuses and tells a story that reveals the true heart of this man and of the world.

The Unexpected Guest

The disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray and Jesus gives them more than they asked for by telling them an unforgettable story that shows God's love for his people.

The Unexpected Guest

Calamities in the Kitchen

Martha has welcomed Jesus into her home and is hoping to serve him and make it a grand occasion. But calamities in the kitchen soon make a mess and Martha loses control and complains. Jesus' response to her is a lesson she will not soon forget!

Calamities in the Kitchen

The Man Left for Dead

Jesus and his disciples are rejoicing. Seventy of them have returned from a preaching tour where they saw great things happen. But then a religious lawyer challenges Jesus with a question. Jesus answers with a story that changes his life and the history of the world.

The Man Left for Dead

The Good Shepherd

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