A Night of Stories and Lessons

The Beggar at the Gate

Jesus tries to break through the hard hearts of money-loving religious leaders by telling a story of a rich man and a poor beggar who lay at his gate. It appears one is blessed and one is cursed until they die and discover the truth about what God values the most.

The Shrewd Servant and the Wealthy Landowner

Jesus tells a story about a dishonest estate manager who gets himself fired. Yet his quick thinking saves his life, his reputation, and honors the wealthy landowner in one bold move. What did the manager do and how does it become an example for us?

The Prodigal Son and His Prodigal Father - Part 3

The story of the two sons and their loving father presents deep lessons for every person to hear about receiving the forgiveness of God. But will we receive his complete forgiveness?

The Prodigal Son and His Prodigal Father - Part 2

Jesus continues the story, this time about the older son who stayed to work the family farm. But who does this son represent, and is he more lost than the one who ran away?

The Prodigal Son and His Prodigal Father - Part 1

After he tells the story of the lost sheep and the lost coin Jesus tells a story about a lost son. But will the religious leaders understand?


Jesus is hosting a meal for sinners and tax collectors. The Pharisees grumble about this and Jesus replies with two famous stories about valuable commodities that were lost and found.

The Great Banquet

Jesus is at lunch with Pharisees on the Sabbath. They are not happy that he heals a man. This leads to a discussion about the great banquet of God, a story about excuses, and who will be in the kingdom and who will be excluded.

The Crooked Woman

Jesus is teaching on the Sabbath and a woman walks into the service who has been afflicted with a deformity for 18 years. The synagogue leaders are watching closely to see what Jesus will do. What does Jesus do?

Slashing Swords Crashing Buildings

A group of men came to Jesus and reported what Pilate had done - killed Jewish men in the temple while they were offering their sacrifices to God. It was time for revenge! But Jesus had a different perspective on what his people should be concerned about.

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