Advent Strange Visitors from the East

Months after Jesus is born, magi from the East arrive in Jerusalem looking for the king of Israel. But their request stirs up the city. What will King Herod say and do? He has killed to preserve his power before. He will kill again. How will God preserve the Holy Family?

Advent The Holy Family in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Joseph has Jesus circumcised on his eighth day according to the Law of Moses. Then on the 41st day he and Mary present offerings in the Temple for purification. But when they arrive, they are greeted by an old prophet and prophetess who tell them amazing things.

Advent The Journey, the Birth, and the Shepherds

God uses a Roman tax to get Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. After a hard journey, the Savior is born, and they think they can now have some rest. But angels appear to shepherds and direct them to the manger to worship.

Advent Joseph and Mary in Nazareth

Mary returns to Nazareth after her visit with Elizabeth but she faces a difficult task. She must tell Joseph she is pregnant. How will she break the news? And will he believe her story?

Advent The Young Virgin of Galilee

Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her that she will bear the Messiah. Mary humbly submits to God's will and then travels to Judea to visit her relative Elizabeth who is pregnant with the forerunner. When the two women meet, the Spirit fills their hearts with words of praise that have resounded through the centuries.

Advent The Vision in the Temple

Old Zacharias receives a once in a lifetime opportunity to burn incense in the Holy Place, but when he enters, he is met by an angel with a startling message. God has heard his prayers! He and Elizabeth will have a son and he will be special beyond their wildest dreams!

Doubt in the Dungeons of Herod

Doubt in the Dungeons of Herod

John the Prophet has been locked in the prison of Herod Antipas in the fortress of Macherus by the Dead Sea. After months of imprisonment and no word from the Messiah and no evidence of the gift of the Spirit, he sends two of his disciples to Jesus with the question, "Are you really the One, or should we look for another?" When the two arrive in Galilee, Jesus gives them an answer they will never forget!

The Centurion's Servant and the Widow's Son

Anger and bitterness – these are the emotions that fill nations who are occupied by foreign armies, by those who rule over them. But sometimes, in the midst of such conflict, relationships begin that overcome the hurt and anger. Masks come off and the humanity on both sides of the conflict emerges.Such is the case with the story of the centurion and his servant.

All Night in Prayer

All Night in Prayer

The Pharisees have gathered to plot against Jesus and Jesus has withdrawn to the hills with his disciples. While they sleep, Jesus spends the whole night in prayer. The direction he receives that night in prayer will change the world.

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